Xenforo Themes Now Releasing For Xenforo 2.2 | Roadmap

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All Nulumia themes are now being rolled out to the shop for Xenforo 2.2. If you're an existing license holder, keep an eye on your notifications so you can download your updates!

A few important points regarding themes starting on Xenforo 2.2+:

A note on first editions
This is the first official release for Xenforo 2.2. Please note that the first several editions for all themes on Xenforo 2.2 will not contain significant feature additions or improvements, but rather will focus on taking further advantage of the changes which Xenforo 2.2 introduces. This will include the new style asset system, allowing for not only 1-click installs but providing instant uploading of images for many Nulumia theme features!

Updating From Xenforo 2.1.x
You should still update your theme in the traditional fashion, which is uploading theme files (if necessary - please read the above requirements), and importing the master XML over your existing master style. Future theme updates on Xenforo 2.2 will move to the new 1-click archive install system, which handles all files and XML processes in one!

Roadmap for theme features
As mentioned previously, many Nulumia theme features are on track to be ported into more powerful, standalone addons. Some light-weight features will still remain in place, however these new addons will be free to all valid theme license holders. This way, there will be no additional purchase needed once these addons are released!

Some of the features being ported into addons include:
  • Slider
  • Carousels
  • Footer columns
  • Node grid & node backgrounds
When will demos be available? I'm interested in MotoTrend and InFlow, but neither of these demos are working.
Hi Mouth, sorry the demo site is currently down while receiving some major updates, but will be back up soon!
I guess your 'few hours' is entirely different to mine.
Sorry as the demo board has been up but was taken down a few more times while upgrading more themes & addons, and is live now. Down periods are always attempted to be done during late hours EST/US time.
Any word on when aftermath will be updated to the latest? seems that the support questions on this site dont work, I never get a reply.
Hi noble, sorry as support has been mostly focused on Support Tickets recently during strained development until things level out.

That being said, Aftermath has just been updated for Xenforo 2.2.1, though the 2.2.0 edition should work just fine on latest Xenforo or with automatic merging.

Let me know if you need any specific help,

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