Xenforo 2.2.x Product Development Announcement

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The most recent Nulumia Theme Framework version will officially be the last iteration developed on Xenforo 2.1.x, with most current themes being in their own version range of 2.1.9.x.

Moving forward, all new theme & addon development will continue on Xenforo 2.2+, with the exception of maintenance, bug fixes and security patches for Xenforo 2.1.x editions. This also means that all new unique themes added to the shop will only be available starting on Xenforo 2.2, and will not be made available for earlier versions.

If you are an active license holder, you will continue to have access to Xenforo 2.1.x theme & addon editions for download.

Feel free to reply below with thoughts or questions!


It seems that some of the major changes in the way Xenforo 2.2.x handles the forums will be one of the concerns for any author that has developed add-ons related to the forum section.

Will those major changes affect the way the add-ons function when it comes to Forum and Thread types?

Even though XF devs have done a great job in implementing those new features/functions, I do really feel sorry for those authors whose add-ons were developed based on the "old way" of handling the forums and threads.

Now, that XF has released the beta versions of the XF Media Gallery and the XF Resourse Management, there are yet more features and functions and I can see some add-ons breaking because of those changes.

There will be admins out there that will NOT upgrade to XF 2.2.x due to all of these changes UNLESS the authors of the add-ons will update their add-ons to meet these new features and functions.

Those admins who will be waiting on those add-on authors will be in a bind because some of those add-on authors are either are NO longer supporting their add-ons or will take a LONG time to update their add-ons.

I'm fortunate that I do not have that issue because Nulumia has been literally re-doing my website and he has kept up-to-date on the new changes that have been ongoing with XF 2.2.x.
Thanks Serpius,
I agree that there's going to be some time for different vendors in pushing out new theme and product changes for XF 2.2. On top of that, I'm guessing that many (including myself) are waiting to rollout rather large updates to their products together with 2.2, since it signals a rather "new beginning", even if just a single digit number.

For example, all Nulumia themes are being prepared with some rather new feature sets and core changes to go along with 2.2 that have thus far been pushed back.

I also imagine that different vendors will require more or less time to update their products, depending on complexity.

As for site owners updating, in my experience many medium to large sites don't update at all to latest versions until a decent amount of time (months or even half a year) due to what you said - ensuring that all necessary components are updated, ready and stable.

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