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Themes updated to Xenforo 2.1.8 - New features!


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In the latest rollout of our theme library for Xenforo 2.1.8, there's some major new features to highlight. This update brings several months worth of fixes, improvements and UI tweaks to all themes, including the new collapsible categories and discussion grid layout!

Collapsible categories are here!

After installing the latest theme updates, you'll find new toggle switches to allow your visitors to expand or close categories on the main forum list. These preferences are stored in your visitors' logged sessions and will remain when they revisit your forum.

Here's a look:


Closed view as seen in our DarkTabbed theme:


NEW Discussion Grid

Inspired by our node grid layout, you can now use a similar grid for your thread lists. Further, you can even choose to enable a toggle icon to allow your visitors to switch between the discussion grid and traditional list.

Discussion grid with toggle switch:


Discussion grid toggled on:


Similar to our node grid feature, you have full control over the Discussion Grid styling and options via the new [Nulumia] Discussion Grid property group. Change spacing between items, set max items-per-row, and even style the grid items such as adding borders and background colors :).

A note on visitor usage..

When the Discussion Grid is enabled without using the toggle switch, the grid layout will be enforced at all times on your front-end. When allowing the toggle switch, the thread list will default to the traditional list view and only change to grid when your visitor chooses. Keep this in mind when deciding how to present your front-end.

Addon related

Our themes now have styling compatibility with XenGenTr's Forum Statistics addon!


New Carousel Settings

Due to request, we've now matched the available style property options between the Featured Content and Logo Icon carousels. You'll now find the same familiar settings in each property group, such as Autoplay, Autoplay time, Arrow controls, and Dot controls.

Further, we've now added new Randomize slides and Slides start at settings. If you preset sponsored or paid logos in your carousels, the Randomize setting can help always present new slide orders on each page load. With the new Slides start at setting, you can change the initial active slide to be centered, instead of starting at the left.

Here's an example of both settings being used in our upcoming Inflow theme, with Randomize and slides starting at the center position:


You'll find all these settings in the appropriate [Nulumia] style property group.

Footer widget settings

With our latest Advanced Footer Widget Positions addons, you could assign Xenforo widgets to the Nulumia footer columns, along with your custom HTML. However, to only display the Xenforo widgets required you to erase your columns' style property content.

In this update, you can now optionally disable your custom HTML from each column, while still enabling the column for Xenforo Widgets! You'll find these new settings in the [Nulumia] Advanced Footer property group.

Here's a preview of some Xenforo widgets used in our Motortrend theme:


That's all the highlights for now, stay tuned for notifications of your theme's updates and ask any questions here at the forum!