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SEO & Index Tools [Xenforo Addons]

  • Due to an extraordinary current load of development for our small team, and due to the current COVID-19 situation, support and inquiry channels may be delayed. Please allow up to 48 hours for response. We THANK YOU for your patience!
  • Our new powerful addon, SEO & Index Tools is almost released for Early Access! Early customers will be able to beta test the addon at a lower, locked-in license price. Stay tuned for announcements!


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Hi cj, the SEO & Index Tools addon is releasing for limited Early Access tomorrow (Wednesday). Right now the product is hidden but will be activated with an announcement thread :)

-Robert I.


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Little late on the announcement thread @cj00347 but please stay tuned for it going up :). As this is a rather limited Early Access, there won't be a thread made at Xenforo.com in order to prevent too much a load of requests :D


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The addon has been running well in private beta, and after minimal bug-fixes is now considered ready for public beta.
Work is being done today and through Saturday to open the addon for access with latest documentation and knowledgebase.

Please keep an eye for updates!


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The public beta is going up today as I mentioned, but will be just a bit late in the evening. Finishing tidying up the package and a few loose ends now.
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Still i'm getting the "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." error.

How can we test it ?
We are big board like that have about 2.5million members.


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A new update is available for SEO & Index Tools by Nulumia.

SEO & Index Tools Beta

Update highlights

This update brings significant improvements, bug fixes and support for third-party addons - including DragonByte Tech eCommerce, Siropu addons, and [XR] Product Manager.

Much of the codebase has been improved and streamlined for greater stability and efficiency. Further, the SEO meta fields with live Google preview are now available when editing content on the front-end - no longer only limited to the admin.

Also, permissions have been reorganized in a more intuitive way, with appropriate SEO permissions added to their corresponding addon groups with matching moderator permissions. Permissions can now be assigned at the node or categories basis, in typical Xenforo fashion.

Additional tweaks have been made to the admin pages, giving clearer descriptions and option labels. Further adjustments will be made in this area to keep options easy to understand.

Complete Change Log

  • Overview page
    • Updated all iconic navigation items with correct links & phrasing
    • Updated product page & support forum URLs
    • Updated Latest News RSS feed for addon forum
    • Corrected "Check for downloads" button
  • Index Management page
    • Added new choices for the Forums noindex options
      • Styles list
      • Languages page
    • Improved handling of threads noindex options
    • Deleted the search page noindex option (already in Xenforo core)
    • Added choice to noindex the Resource Manager and Ecommerce overview/home pages
    • Added new Social page noindex options:
      • Siropu chat pages
      • Siropu shoutbox pages
    • Extended some Ecommerce options to [XR] Product Manager (more noindex support to be added)
    • Added much more helpful description labels to various options
  • Updated all addon pages with improved UI and CSS handling
  • Fixed a bug which could cause node/category index integer values to display next to their Index status column on node/category admin lists
Meta tags & Google live preview
  • Overhauled codebase to allow meta tags with Google preview support for more content areas
  • Added support for Google preview on front-end
  • Meta tags & Google preview can now be used at creation of various content types, instead of only upon editing created content
  • Added the meta tag fields to the Post quick edit form
  • Fixed several bugs which could cause some meta fields to not save
  • Moved all permissions to corresponding addon groups (XFMG, XFRM etc)
  • Improved handling of permissions for front-end functionality
  • Added corresponding moderator permissions for managing SEO tags
  • Fixed a few uninstall bugs
  • Cleaned up unnecessary files from addon package
  • Cleaned up deprecated macroPreRender functions
  • Cleaned up deprecated templates & Template Modifications
  • Fixed several PHP related errors in the Server Log

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What is full features of this add-on ? Actually we are interesting with AMP support firstly.
Full feature list is available now at the product page:

Instructions are posted for accessing the addon as a beta customer - just need to apply as it's for 20 customers only.

Unfortunately there's no AMP functionality at this time but is definitely being worked on. As it will require some testing, I don't plan to have it released until at least a few versions into the beta phase, and even then will be a beta feature in itself until finalized :D.