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Resizing Twitch panels

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Hello, I would like to use panels larger than the provided size in your product. I want to increase from the 100 px height to 160 px. If I use image resize, the text and icons get warped, and canvas resize leaves blank area at the top and bottom

I really don't want to use the skinny banners if you can help me thank you


Staff member
Hi Kenzo, thanks for your interest and happy to help!
So unfortunately, all Twitch packs in-fact use the 100px height. They currently aren't setup to crop beyond this size -- however I can certainly adjust and re-release the pack, should be able to do this by tomorrow.

I think this is a great point, so I will allow this by default in all packs going forward (y)


Thank you for the reply and that would be most awesome! I will await the update.

For your info if you don't know, Twitch allows up to 600px tall I believe but just a square shape as an option would be great. Most streamers I watch don't go above that.