Nulumia Theme Framework Beta 1 for Xenforo 2.2.2 Released

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  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new feature to change the alignment of the sub-navigation when using the Compact header layout
  • Featured Content
    • Added usergroup permissions for displaying the featured slider
    • Added an additional 5 widgets (total 20)
  • Theme Changes
    • Removed the drop shadow from opened sub-navigation links with popup menus

This release adds a new setting to align the sub-navigation when using the Compact Header layout. Normally, the sub-navigation is aligned to the left in Xenforo. Since the Compact Header moves nav items to the right, this setting will help further customize the sub-nav. This setting will not impact the regular (non-compact) header layout.

You can find this new setting in the [Nulumia] Header & Navigation Settings property group:



Featured Content Improvements

The Featured Content carousel now provides an additional 5 widgets, for a total of 15. Further, you can now specify usergroup permissions similar to the Slideshow feature.

Find these new settings in the [Nulumia] Slider property group:


Due to the limitations of using Style Properties for this feature, the permissions aren't quite as powerful as other Xenforo methods. However, it should be intuitive after testing a few settings.

By default, the featured content is visible to both guests and all registered groups. The additional settings (Show to.. and Hide to..) use a higher priority and can override each previous setting. For example, if you normally display to all registered groups, you could specify specific usergroups to hide the content. Note that administrators will always see the content.

if you have questions on this new feature, feel free to reply to this thread or leave a Support Ticket.


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