Nulumia Theme Framework For Xenforo 2.1.9 Released

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Nov 28, 2015
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  • Framework
    • Updated several templates to native XF 2.1.9 versions
    • Further improved customized templates to streamline automatic template merging
  • Misc improvements
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the page title to become hidden under certain configurations (page title position, compact header mode etc)
    • Removed several outdated templates which are no longer needed (See update notes below)
  • Addon related
    • Further updated templates to latest DragonByte Tech eCommerce version 2.0.0+
    • Officially compatible with [XR] Product Manager for XF 2.x


This is a maintenance patch, which updates several core templates and fixes a bug which could hide the page title under certain sections of Xenforo. Further, templates have been fully updated for the latest versions of DragonByte Tech eCommerce and [XR] Product Manager addons.

Template notice

The custom template nl_topbar has been deprecated and removed in this version. You should check if you have made customizations to this template, and revert if necessary in order to remove the template from your theme. The Nulumia top bar is now fully integrated into the PAGE_CONTAINER template.


The highly customized layout for DragonByte Tech's eCommerce addon have been fully updated for the latest 2.x version! Further, full testing and compatibility is now preset for Chris D's [XR] Product Manager addon. In addition to our recent XenPorta Improvements addon, we'll soon be releasing a suite of improvements for Product Manager, similar to the current enhancements for eCommerce. Stay tuned for news!

Page title area

Improvements have also been made to ensure the page title & breadcrumb position work fantastic in all themes. Here's the title & breadcrumb set in the "Aside / next to sidebar" position, running in DarkTabbed theme:

Default appearance:


To update, check your theme for the new release.