Nulumia Theme Framework For Xenforo 2.1.9 Released

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  • Footer
    • Fixed a bug where the footer copyright area would display incorrectly under certain conditions
    • Added improvements when the footer links bar is assigned to the "Combine with copyright" setting
      • When combined into the copyright, the footer links bar and contents should now adopt styling from the copyright row instead
      • Footer links will inherit the text alignment of the copyright
    • Added a new setting to change how footer copyright items are displayed (available via [Nulumia] Advanced Footer property group)
      • New line (default)
      • Items together (condensed)


By default, additional items added to the Xenforo copyright are displayed on a new line. When many items are added to the copyright from third-party services and products, this can cause the copyright to become quite "bloated". A new setting has been introduced to streamline copyright items together, resulting in a better appearance.

This setting has been enabled by default in all themes. If you would like to return to the default setting, you can toggle this back via:
[Nulumia] Advanced Footer -> Copyright item display

Default appearance:

Footer copyright1

Items together:

Footer copyright2

To update, check your theme for the new release.