Nulumia Theme Framework for Xenforo Released

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All themes
  • Framework
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.2.8, merged all templates
    • Updated modified templates to use latest Xenforo versions
    • Moved all styles to use the new One-Click Archive import format. You can now directly upload style zip files, instead of manually uploading files via FTP
  • Forum/node list
    • Fixed a bug which could cause hover and alternating row colors not to function
    • Fixed padding around the last post avatar in some themes
    • You can now set the width of the last post column in both the forum/node list and thread/discussion list pages
Pro themes
  • Misc Improvements
    • Fixed a bug which could cause custom style properties for the Page Title not to apply.
    • Fixed incorrect styling when using the Boxed Page Title format
  • Forum/node list
    • Added compatibility with c6v Custom Node Icons. There is now a new setting in the Forum/node list property group for the Node Icon type: "Default". Set node icons to default when using the c6v addon, which will enable compatibility.
    • Fixed some overflow and spacing issues when using the node grid
    • Fixed a bug which could interfere with node background images in certain configurations
    • Fixed incorrect styling for read/unread node icons in some themes


This update brings compatibility with the latest Xenforo 2.2.8 and moves all Nulumia themes to use the One-Click Archive import format. From now on, you can download style packages as a single zip file and import directly in your Xenforo backend. This means you will no longer have to manually upload files via FTP, nor import XML files separately!

** Import change using One-Click Archive imports **

Importing styles as zip archives changes the file structure and file location of your styles in Xenforo. This means custom files, such as images and logos, which were placed in the formal styles folder may need to be migrated once you begin using the archive format.

Please read the following migration guide to see if this change affects you:

Keep an eye on your notifications for when your theme is updated to the latest version.

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