Nulumia Theme Framework for Xenforo Released

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All themes

  • Framework
    • Updated to Xenforo, merged all templates
    • Updated modified templates to use latest Xenforo versions
    • Overhauled javascript asset structure. All loose js files in the /js/nulumia/ folder are now sorted into the following:
      • /themejs/
      • /vendor/
  • Misc Improvements
    • Adjusted custom style property labeling and ordering in several custom property groups
    • Optimized several custom Less templates
Pro themes
  • Carousels
    • Changed all carousel functionality to use customized Lightslider scripts
  • Discussion List
    • Improved code handling of the discussion grid toggle
    • Added better support for the custom Filter Bar Trigger and Filter Bar Trigger - Hover properties in the Style Properties -> Blocks group
    • Adjusted styling for block filter labels in several styles
    • The discussion grid toggle icon now shares the same styling as the Filter Bar Trigger property
    • Fixed a bug which would cause the discussion grid toggle to float in the middle of the filter bar on latest Xenforo versions
    • Fixed a bug where the "Filters" label wouldn't align vertically with the discussion grid toggle
  • Addon Related
    • Fixed a bug which would cause the message user info column arrow to overlap online/offline status labels


This release brings compatibility for Xenforo 2.2.6 Patch Level 2 with updated templates, and contains numerous small tweaks and improvements. Notably, the custom Javascript files used in all themes have been overhauled into the following structure:
  • /js/nulumia/themejs/
  • /js/nulumia/vendor/
Further, many theme functions such as carousels have been moved into customized Lightslider scripts which are based on those found in Xenforo, making things more lightweight and uniform.

You must upload all files when upgrading your theme to this version as files have changed.

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