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  • Our SEO addon did not make Christmas even release as was hoped, but is quickly being finalized for its first public release! Please stay tuned for the official launch here at the store, or by following the sneak preview thread at
  • Our new powerful addon, SEO & Index Tools is almost released for Early Access! Early customers will be able to beta test the addon at a lower, locked-in license price. Stay tuned for announcements!
It has been a bumpy ride but I'd like to share some news and updates regarding this website and development of various products. As many likely noticed, the shop and forums were not frequently updated and many products fell behind in versioning. This period hit the worst during the height of the pandemic when several team members had to step away from assistance, and continued development at normal pace suffered but recovered slowly since that point.

I believe it is fair to disclose that it was in consideration and discussion to move Nulumia Xenforo products (both current and unreleased / in-development) to another trusted developer in the Xenforo space, who would continue work on these products.

However, things have been recovering and development is ramping back up to full and normal operation. With a new assistant on board and nearly the full library of products being updated, there's still a lot of work yet to even hit the shop.

Unreleased products

Part of the reason to continue full development is the sheer amount of unreleased work for Xenforo which is still in the pipeline, including some massive addons which I believe would not reach their proper vision and goal under another developer. Some of these unreleased themes and addons include:
  • Echeon theme
  • SEO & Index Tools
  • XenPorta Improvements (2021 update)
  • Xenforo Media Gallery Improvements
  • Xenforo Resource Manager Improvements
  • XFOptimize (Beta to public release)
  • DragonByte eCommerce Improvements
These are very massive projects which I believe will be enjoyed by many in the Xenforo community, and definitely deserve to see release.

Website refresh and spam removal

We'd also like to apologize for the wave of spam that hit the site, which has been thoroughly cleaned out and new anti-spam measures put in place. Parts of the shop and forums have also been cleaned up to be a more simple experience.

A note on XenPorta Improvements

A very widely asked question is what happened to updates regarding this addon. XenPorta Improvements was very popular here and at, but being a free addon, suffered some of the worst during down-scaling during the pandemic and loss of team members. This was also due to the addon going through a major overhaul and heavy feature change during that time, which made it very difficult to push working updates for newer versions of XenPorta.

This addon will absolutely continue and work is on track to launch the unreleased updates.

A note on SEO & Index Tools

This very massive addon has been in invite-only beta phase for over a year now, and has still not met public release. This was not only due to the affected and down-scaled development period, but also due to the sheer amount of changes under the hood. Work has consistently continued with this addon and is now nearing a more appropriate public release.
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Nice to see things are on track, any word on release for the SEO addon?
Nice to see things are on track, any word on release for the SEO addon?
Hi Slayer2K,
Well to mention again this addon has been running privately on a few major websites (with 1mill users or threads) for well over a year, so it IS releasable and stable.

The only major thing holding up public release right now, is the fact that the recent thread indexing settings in Xenforo 2.2 (minimum criteria such as Thread is X days old, min reaction score etc), prompted a major rework to the indexing features of this addon.

That has been completed and currently working for nodes and threads. However, since this addon also supported indexing for things like categories, media items, resources and products (and even categories within THOSE addons!), the new rework has to be extended to all those other things 😖

It's a large enough change that I'd prefer users not install the addon as-is and have to go through a major database edit when those changes take place.

Once they are complete I'll roll out the public launch!
  • Xenforo Media Gallery Improvements
  • Xenforo Resource Manager Improvements
:O Any information you could share on what this might contain? :D

@Nulumia ? =)
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Also, there is still some spam going around on the forum. Old spam posts as well. Reported some of them.
Hi @Nulumia ! Is it possible to get the demo site back & running to test the updated themes?

Thanks in advance!!
Thanks for reaching out. We'd love to help you out here. Hence, we kindly request you to provide a brief summary of the issue you are facing. Thanks so much and let us know if you have any other concerns. Charter Panorama
nice to see this update. i hope to see more great addons from you.

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