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Nothing for the guild community (Designs)

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New member
Hi Nulumia team,
I saw your Deviantart profile and noticed you have a background in gaming templates. It appears much of the creative stuff at your gallery is no longer being supported at this site. First I am not criticizing this, just curious if there was a reason here or a shift in what you offer.

Specifically, I am looking for designs in the MMO and guild genre, such as this:

Sadly, these type of designs were a big deal years ago, I'm sure you are aware, but no designers offer usable templates in this style anymore. Perhaps I could peak your interest in tackling something like this? We've just moved off Invision and onto Xenforo, but there's no themes anywhere CLOSE to this.

You have very impressive work here all around :)

Thank you for reading my inquiry,


Staff member
Hi CatalysmX,

First of all thanks for stopping by and leaving your question, and congrats on your move to Xenforo :).

Regarding gaming templates at the Nulumia DeviantArt profile, this was much a focus of mine years ago (as the main theme designer at this site). Mostly these were hybrid Flash animated vBulletin styles, with a few ported over to Xenforo.

Once the Flash era ended (with HTML5 adoption) and web design as a whole moved towards a more mobile friendly, "flattened" approach, focus shifted towards more clean and responsive templates as you'll find here at the shop. One interesting point -- Headquarters, Aftermath and Enforcer all were originally these Flash hybrid vBulletin styles (Aftermath is nearly 12 years old now!) -- but I've managed to keep them evolving forward into fully functioning Xenforo themes ;). Some of the rich animations were stripped out to make them more responsive & bandwidth friendly, but they've kept most of their original appearance, and gone through several remasters over the years.

Regarding guild templates, I have been wanting to create some of these for a while! One theme IS in the works, named Echeon. It was based on the DarkTabbed - Crimson preset here at the shop, but has evolved into a much more rich fantasy theme similar to the example in your post.

I don't have previews yet as Echeon has been put on hold while a few major addons here are being released. It will offer several variants/presets, each with their own unique aesthetic and color palette - perfect for different MMO games.

Feel free to stop by and ask how things are going!

-Robert I.
Nulumia theme designer