*MIGRATION GUIDE* For New One-Click Archive Style Imports

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Starting with Xenforo version 2.2.8, all Nulumia themes will begin using the One-Click Archive import format. From now on, you can download style packages as a single zip file and import directly in your Xenforo backend. This means you will no longer have to manually upload files via FTP, nor import XML files separately!

How will the file structure change?​

Importing styles as zip archives changes the file location of your styles in Xenforo. This means your custom files, such as images and logos, which you may have uploaded to the former /styles/ folder may need to be migrated once you begin using the archive format.

The former location of files could be found at:

When importing styles as a zip archive, Xenforo will automatically place files at:

Example migration with existing files

Let's say you had uploaded a custom logo to the former style directory. The correct migration would look like the following:

Original logo:

New location:

You will also have to update references to these images from any style properties which you have customized. Remember, you don't need to place your custom files directly in a style folder, but place them anywhere on or off your server - such as an /images/ directory. The above example is useful if you wish to keep your custom files within your style folder itself.

Keep in mind, this migration still uses the old method of uploading custom images to your server. Starting in Xenforo 2.2, style properties now use the asset upload system, which allows you to upload files directly within style properties! If you haven't heard of this or begun using it, we recommend changing over to this method as files will automatically be placed in a separate location in the /data/ directory, which won't be removed when deleting or overwriting your style.

Example migration using the asset upload system

This is the recommended route going forward. Simple browse to a style property which references a custom image, such as a logo. Then, click the upload icon and upload your image directly into Xenforo!


You can read more about the Xenforo asset upload system here:


Q: How do I know if the migration process affects me?
A: Simply, if you have many references to custom upload images in your style, you may need to update these image paths. Otherwise, migration will not affect you.

Q: Should I do anything before upgrading?
A: You should backup your active/live style by choosing "Export style". Make sure to uncheck "Export as independent style", as you only want to export your customizations.

You may also wish to test importing the style archive as a brand new style, and practice using the new asset upload system.

Q: Does the upgrade/install process change when using archive format?
A: No. You simply need to select "Import as archive" and select the zip file when installing or upgrading, instead of selecting the previously provided XML file.

Q: I have an existing style which was installed using the former method (uploading files). Can I overwrite this using the archive? Or do I need to start fresh?
A: You can overwrite your previous master/parent theme with the new archive format during upgrade! However, keep in mind that image references will change over to the new /data/ directory structure. If you have many references to custom images placed in the former /styles/ directory in your active style, you should begin migrating these style properties using the asset upload system, or changing file locations.

Q: Can I delete the former style files in the /styles/ directory after changing?
A: Of course you may wish to keep your server clean of unnecessary files. It is recommended to keep your former style's folder present on the server for several updates, until you know everything is running smooth.

Q: I don't want to take any chances. What's the most sure way to test the new format?
A: Upload the new archive format as a brand new style, then disable from public view. Then, import the backup you created of your active/live style as advised above, under this new parent. You can now see exactly how your live style will work under the new format. If you wish, you can even disable and remove your former parent/child styles when using this method.

Please leave a comment or open a support ticket if you have any questions!
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