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Is this site still alive?

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New member
I would like to know whether this website is still alive. The demo area for the templates is not working for weeks now and on the main forum page is advertising for December sales. We have now April.

Is this all still supported?


Staff member
@snoopy5 the products here are very much in active development and I apologize for the demo board being down. There is in fact so much development going on for existing and current products that it's currently some of the toughest load we've had for the small team behind Nulumia.

The demo board has been down more than usual due to the major framework rollouts going out which power all themes at the shop.

As far as active development, there's around five brand new styles coming soon along with some major addons including SEO & Index Tools, Advanced Widgets & Positions, and Media Gallery Improvements.

Some updates and and content around the site may be a bit behind as the recent development has been such high priority. Thanks for your feedback though and it's been noted!

-Robert I.
Nulumia theme developer