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how to put widgets on the right side

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New member
Hello everybody,

I bought the Darktabbed theme and i absolutely love it, i was trying to see if i can add widgets to the right side of the page.

I figured out how to stretch everything out and i want to add widgets to the right as well as of right now i have widgets to the left side only


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Hi there and thanks for the inquiry. So to my knowledge there's only the Forum list -> Sidebar location for widgets on the main forum page. Xenforo uses a Sidebar + Sidenav system, and very rarely are these ever both used on layouts.

However you could likely do this with some templating knowledge by placing your forum into Development mode and adding a new Sidenav location to the forum_list.

I am also finishing a new XF addon called Advanced Widgets & Positions which introduces tons of new widgets, rows and sidebar locations throughout Xenforo. It's a free addon but don't have the release date yet :unsure:

-Robert I.