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How to add a homepage , blogs, etc

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New member
hello everybody! i am trying to see how i can add a homepage as i am struggling with that. I use the darktabbed theme and want to add a home page portal, blogs, and do game reviews!

i'm assuming a sub domain is required no idea how to do it.

Please help

i am also available on discord maybe we can help each other out as well!

Discord : daghosty#2197


Staff member
I nearly always recommend using XenPorta for this, which though it requires an extra purchase, is a must-have addon in my opinion for Xenforo community sites.

XenPorta allows you to create an article list as your homepage with featured article grids, slideshow, and left/right sidebars. You can also expand on XenPorta using the XenPorta Improvements addon, which is a free extension available here at the shop.

If you haven't seen XenPorta in action, check out the Nulumia XF2 demo forum once it's back online this afternoon at:
(The forum is currently down for upgrades.)

The other DIY option for this is to create a Page Node, and essentially create a portal using custom Xenforo Widget Positions and Widget IDs. Let me know what route you'd be interested in going and I can give you some further advice.