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DarkTabbed - Dark Responsive Multipurpose Theme [Xenforo Themes]


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A new update is available for DarkTabbed - Dark Responsive Multipurpose Theme by Nulumia.

DarkTabbed - Dark Responsive Multipurpose Theme

Update highlights

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading From Last Previous Version:
  • XML import AND file upload
Files changed: /upload/js/nulumia/theme-functions.js


This update requires upload of files as the theme functions file has changed, which improves handling of the ticker in the new theme framework.

Also, there's new improvements to the mobile slide-out navigation, giving a better UI appearance:

You can now customize styling of first and second level sub-links within the slide-out nav, available in Style Properties -> Mobile slide navigation.

Some minor typography and text color tweaks have been made to the footer for a cleaner appearance, especially for Xenforo widgets:

Complete Change Log

  • Framework Changes
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.8 Patch 2, merged all templates
  • Misc Improvements
    • Replaced all hard-coded "bold" CSS to use the Xenforo @xf-fontWeightHeavy value
    • Fixed a bug which could affect OG:Auth images
  • Header & Navigation
    • Improved appearance of visitor tabs when placed in the logo row or top bar
    • Improved styling of the mobile slide out navigation
      • Sub-link trees now have darkened background and text color shades to distinguish levels
  • Forums & Node List
    • Slightly increased size of node titles when using the Node Grid layout, to help distinguish from nearby text
    • Slightly faded node description text color when using the Node Grid + Image backgrounds
  • Messages
    • Improved contrast of selected text in the rich text editor
    • Links within messages now only use underline on hover (UI decision)
    • Message author usernames now use a brighter color for better contrast, and use the theme link hover color on mouseover
  • Footer
    • Slight improvements to typography and text color. Column headings now use a brighter color to distinguish from regular text
    • Links within Xenforo widgets placed in the footer now use the proper heavy font weight value set via the Typography property group

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