Cloudflare Image Resizing - Test Results & Image Comparisons

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You may have seen the new Cloudflare Image Resizing addon, now available for Xenforo 2. Here we'll take a look at a few comparisons for a single large attachment. First, we'll review the image as it would appear in normal Xenforo. Then, we'll demonstrate the same attachment with WEBP/AVIF conversion via Cloudflare, with resizing parameters. Lastly, we'll take a look at a small mobile-friendly version.

Original attachment:


Dimensions: 3840 x 2160px
File size: 920Kb

As you can imagine, this attachment may look great for desktop users, but isn't great for our mobile visitors, or their data! We're also serving nearly a 1Mb file for every page hit. Ouch!

Optimized with Cloudflare Image Resizing:​


Dimensions: 1000 x 562px
File size: 73Kb
Savings: 92.07% (-847Kb!)

By applying a maximum dimension of 1000px and image quality of 80, our post attachments would automatically be resized like the above example, with little to no visible difference. But, we're saving our users -- and ourselves -- a whopping 92% of bandwidth!

Another issue without Cloudflare Image Resizing, is that mobile users in Xenforo will always download and view the full size attachment. That's right, even if their screen is only 480px wide, they'll still have to download that massive 4k image!

Cumulatively, this can lead to a massive drag on your server resources, bandwidth, your users' data limits, and even pummel your site speed and rankings.

Using the above example, we've already saved our users a ton of data. But why not go further?

With Cloudflare Image Resizing, we can display small images perfectly suited for the visitor's mobile screen:

Mobile-friendly version via srcset feature:​


Dimensions: 320 x 180px
File size: 8.4Kb
Savings: 99.1% (-911Kb!)

As you can see, the mobile savings are an absolute game-changer in Xenforo, saving an incredible 99.1% of image data!

Now imagine an entire thread crammed with eye-blistering 4k images. Cloudflare Image Resizing will crunch your threads down to a tiny fraction of the size automatically, just by using our addon.

Check out the addon at our shop - it's easy to get started!

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