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Arcade add-on

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Like I saw on xF official community, many people ask for this add-on and no one has made it yet to work on xF 2.* version.
My research drop me on this post, but that add-on is for xF 1.* i think. Will you guys have a look and maybe think to do that add-on in future, for xF 2.* version?
Thank you.


Staff member
So I believe most of the downfall of arcades for forums was due to the replacement of Flash by HTML5. Not only is Flash not supported by default in most modern browsers (you have to enable it manually or click to allow Flash content), but it's advised against in many cases as a security issue.

Now there are games being made, or older ones that were ported over to HTML5, but I believe the strong collapse of Flash caused many authors to simply abandon shop and move on. Many arcade plugins IMO are still running older models, for site owners still wishing to run them - but are no longer mainstream :-/.

I'd have to look more at how browser games have grown in the post-Flash landscape.