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Jan 14, 2020
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I commissioned Nulumia to do a complete revamping of my current website.

This project was a large undertaking that Nulumia accepted, but most likely didn't foresee all of the things that I wanted for my website.

Some of that is my fault due to not clearly defining the directions of my website.

Originally, I wanted my website to go this particular direction, but Nulumia advised me that my website would be more or less a redundant website where others have done the same and have gotten a very large audience.

In other words, most likely my website would have been buried by those current websites and social media and my investment in this project would have been for naught.

So, that forced me to pivot the direction of my website to another genre, which actually was (at the time) my third option for the direction of my website. The second option was discarded for the same reasons as the original direction of my website.


When I finally settled on this direction, we were able to proceed with my ideas of how I wanted my website to function and act.
I presented my ideas and Nulumia came up with an alpha design of my website and I was literally blown away.
The differences between my current website and this alpha design were 'night and day'.

Based on the suggestion of Nulumia, we developed a Development website that is a live website, but access is only limited to Nulumia and me. This gives Nulumia opportunities to test out the coding/programming of add-ons, theme changes, and other features that I had requested.

Fast forward to now (mid-June 2020), the alpha design still is the base of my new website and that of by itself is a testament to Nulumia's experience and knowledge of their clientele.

Yes, it has been a long process, but in the end, I am confident that my website will attract the kind of traffic to make all of my investment into this project worthwhile.

Ok, admins...

Sure, you can find other developers that might do a faster job and make your website *look* pretty, but will it stand up to the test of time?
Will this quick turnaround of the project give your website the kind of results you are looking for?

I have an easy answer to both questions... NO.

Oftentimes, (this has happened to me) a fast turnaround on a project will most likely miss some very important aspects of your website becoming 'user-friendly'. If the users come to your website, but struggle to find their way around the website, or may find your website lacking in features/functions that entice them to keep coming back time after time, YOUR WEBSITE WILL LOSE THOSE USERS... FOREVER!

If your website's traffic goes down after a period of time, it may not be the direction of the website of by itself, it may be *HOW* the website functions for those users. I've seen websites that see their traffic go down, but they tend to resort to 'gimmicks' such as adding on games, and other features that are not part of the direction of the website.

Now, all of a sudden, you have a website that is going in multiple directions, and users will be confused and leave for good.

This is how I finally got my thick-head around the concept of a singular focused direction of my website. It was making those same mistakes over and over and realizing that I was wasting money AND time.

So... if you have read this far and wondering why I am plugging (shamelessly) Nulumia, it's because of their constant focus on the direction of my website that has enabled me to focus on how to better my website and potentially keep users coming back time after time.

Yes, Nulumia makes GREAT themes and add-ons, but I feel their efforts in 'behind the scenes' is what separates them from the 'quick turnaround' people and their time and efforts in working on my project has been 'Godsend' because prior to Nulumia, I was struggling to find a reliable and dependable developer for my website.

Therefore, if you are here looking for a theme, add-on, please take a moment to look around and know that all of the efforts behind each theme and add-on is worth every penny and more!


P.S. Some of the NEW add-ons that Nulumia has developed have been the direct result of Nulumia's work on my development website and eventually Nulumia will release those add-ons shortly.
Trust me... those add-ons will be a HUGE benefit for many admins out there!
Keep coming back to Nulumia to check on the status of those new add-ons!


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Nov 28, 2015
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Just want to give a solid thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write not only this but other comments. It's been a great experience working with you and your site, despite the oh-so-predictable hurdles and bumps with any project.

I hope if there's one thing that I've been able to bring to the table, it's been an overall well-rounded experience and ability to tackle not just the micro, but the macro. Since designing large community websites all the way back to the early vBulletin days (going on 15 years now), I try to look at all the components of a project - its goals, the intended functionality, and see what may be missing or what may be better needed.

Too many times (as you admit you ran into past issues), a designer will just run with the specs and perform the tasks down to paper will little side thought. Not much effort to be made while not "having a hand in things".

I'm very excited to see what's actually a rather large set of functionality go live for your community, which is actually the back bone of many similar or unrelated addons being done here at Nulumia. It's been extremely helpful in even shaping some of the design and direction of these feature sets, and I'm glad such things will be able to help your community and even others in the future.

your kind words are appreciated and I very much look forward to seeing things live in action soon!