XFOptimize - Minify, Preconnect & Preload Addon for Xenforo 2 1.0.1 Release Candidate 2

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Change log

  • Added new feature to not lazy load the first post attachment (now recommended by Page Speed Insights & GTMetrix)
  • Made numerous improvements to template modifications in order to prevent conflict with third-party addons and styles
  • Moved several search & replace functions to more reliable REGEX
  • Improved efficiency of some PHP handlers
  • Fixed an issue which could affect the head/title area in UI.X
  • Fixed an issue which could cause preload or preconnect URLs not to render in the head section of certain themes
  • Established base code for future shared UI & recommendations system with other Nulumia addons for a future update
  • Added several important compatibility fixes with [Nulumia] SEO & Index Tools
  • Added compatibility fixes for [Nulumia] Cloudflare Image Resizing
  • Added compatibility fixes for [XON] Lazy Image Loading
  • Updated option group order in the Admin -> Options list to be alphabetized among [Nulumia] addons

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

You must select "Overwrite files during install/upgrade" when upgrading to this version.


This update adds multiple small improvements, conflict fixes and greater efficiency for the PHP handlers. Additionally, a new feature is available via the settings page to disable lazy loading for the first post attachment (Above the fold / LCP) image of thread pages.

This is a new recommendation reported by both GTMetrix and Page Speed Insights, and can affect speed scoring. As such, this addon has been updated to reflect this metric.

Further, several key compatibility issues have been added for [Nulumia] SEO & Index Tools and [XON] Lazy Image Loading.