XFOptimize - Minify, Preconnect & Preload Addon for Xenforo 2 1.0.1 Beta 6

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Change log

  • Fixed more issues which could likely cause unlogged last post timestamps to show a Xenforo phrase instead. This error is still being monitored for further reports.
  • Added an "Optimize" nav entry to the Admin left menu, below Setup -> Options
  • Added various URLs to the entry on the Admin -> Addons list, including Xenforo.com support thread, FAQ, etc
  • The addon will now require Xenforo 2.1.x+ to install
  • Slight performance improvement tweaks
  • Added numerous fixes for UI.X style:
    • Backstretch images are now processed when the feature is enabled
    • The core UI.X JS package is now pre-fetched
    • Several template bugs
    • Further tweaks to allow max minification options without breakage
  • Added considerable support/testing for various third party addons:
    • XenMedio 2 PRO
      • Fixed a number of issues which would not pre-fetch third party media services (DailyMotion, etc)
    • [AH] Discord Widget
    • [AH] Gamer Profiles
    • [AH] Twitter Widget
    • [AnzahTools] Unread posts indicator
    • [AP] Daily Goals
    • [BP] Welcome Notice
    • [cv6] NodeIcon
    • [cXF] Add What's New beside Alerts tab
    • [EAE] Roles
    • [iCodes] Welcome Section
    • [OzzMods] Attachments Plus
    • [OzzModz] Avatar Gallery
    • [OzzModz] Badges
    • [OzzModz] Covers
      • Data-preload attribute loaded for thread view page titles
    • [OzzModz] Highlight User Participated Threads
    • [OzzModz] Latest Content Live Updates
    • [OzzModz] Most Ever Online
    • [OzzModz] Thread Preview
    • [OzzModz] XFRM File Extension And Size Display
    • [OzzModz] XFRM: Price Filter
    • [rellect] Favicon For Links
    • [SC] Instagram Widget
    • [TH] Featured Threads and Content
    • [Wutime] Limited Guest Viewing
    • [XTR] Featured Threads Slider
    • Bespoke - Enhanced Bookmarks
    • [TickTackk] Change Content Owner
    • [Xon] Contact Us Thread
    • DragonByte eCommerce
    • DragonByte Member Map
      • Pre-fetch Google APIs
    • DragonByte Preview Last Post
    • [Xon] Lazy Image Loader
    • s93/MediaSites
    • Siropu Shoutbox
    • [Xon] Thread Reply Banner
    • [Xon] User Activity
    • [Xon] User Mentions Improvements
    • [Xon] Who Replied

Release notes

This update brings more improvements for UI.X style, allowing more pre-fetching of various theme resources. This includes backstretch images, when using large wallpaper backgrounds within UI.X. Further, the core style JS is now pre-fetched to help with loading.

Additionally, a large number of third-party addons for Xenforo were either tested, tweaked with small improvements, or received specific support in the addon. Notably, [TH] Featured Threads and Content, [OzzModz] Covers, and various welcome section addons now take advantage of XFOptimize's features.

If you're using XenPorta, it's recommended to check out XenPorta Improvements, which also received an update which helps with optimization in the form of minified JS and CLS (Content Layout Shift) issues.

More addons will be tested and receive support over further updates. If you have a suggestion, please leave a reply in the product thread at nulumia.com or xenforo.com.