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DarkTabbed is a smooth and minimal Xenforo theme. Fast and light-weight, it uses very little images for snappy load times. DarkTabbed uses a simple color palette to appeal to users looking for a dark theme, while being easy on the eyes to read. Fully responsive and scales well to all devices.


  • Customizable Header  Logo PSD template included – fonts & styles ready to use, or swap in your own logo!
  • Nulumia Base System  includes our thousands of hand performed style edits to Xenforo as a part of all our skins.
  • Tested with over 100 mods! Our themes are compatible and style coordinated with dozens of third party addons for Xenforo, so you don’t have to worry about your add-ons appearing with default colors when using a Nulumia theme. We’ve done the work for you.
  • Sidebar Right/Left  Change the position of your sidebar in a single click.
  • Full responsive
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
  • Free Slideshow system
  • Easy to change colors
  • Hover transition effects
  • Add fullscreen backgrounds
  • Floating or boxed content mode
  • Footer builder system with nine block locations, including new parallax rows! Now compatible with Widget Framework!

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Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 12

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 03

Check out the Live Demo link to see Darktabbed in action! Our skin has now been released with Version 3, bringing a new and improved soft GUI appearance. For users looking for a flat, dark and easy to read theme, DarkTabbed is a perfect fit.

Adjust colors on the fly using Xenforo’s Color Palette. Darktabbed also comes loaded with great features such as full-screen fluid mode, responsive options, FontAwesome support and custom Google fonts. Now released with our latest NulumiaBase framework, check out why DarkTabbed is the perfect premium dark Xenforo style for your forum!

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 04 Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 05 Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 06

Nulumiabase 17 Xenforo Framework Overview

NulumiaBase is our in-house Xenforo Framework that adds countless new features, enhancements and user control to your Xenforo themes!

Making your Xenforo site stand out has never been easier.

Don’t have a slideshow plugin? No Problem.

NulumiaSlider is our new exclusive free slideshow feature based on the popular FlexSlider plugin! NulumiaSlider is included in all our premium themes and is a breeze to setup!

No need to install and manage plugins, our slider is unique in that it runs 100% on Xenforo Style Properties, making adding and managing slides a simple and fast process!

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 07

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 09

Cross Browser Compatible

We’ve tested our themes on the following platforms to ensure your purchase runs as expected!


Works on iOS and Android Mobile Devices


Scales to the most popular mobile device sizes

Think complex themes can’t work on small scales? Think again!
See it in action HERE

Built In support for Google Fonts!

Change any text you like to any of the popular Google Fonts using our simple instructions.


Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 09

Got something to discuss?

1 year 10 months ago

Hi, pretty cool theme I am trying to get my background image to work instead of the gray texture. I placed the image link in the body property in general group, its showing up but doesn’t stretch to the screen like in your Darktabbed Green demo. Could I get the css to make it fill the screen better?

Thanks for any help!

1 year 10 months ago

Hi there, sure I can help with that.
In DarkTabbed there is a built-in feature to make the custom background, so you don’t have to modify the body class. You can find this in Style Properties -> [Nulumia] Theme Settings -> *checkbox* Enable Full Custom Background.

Then on the left menu, open the property “Custom Background” and edit the image path there. The rest of the values are already set to make it display properly. This way, you can enable/disable the custom backgrounds without having to edit the CSS code 🙂

Screenshots and instructions on this and other features are included in the /documentation/readme section of your download package.


Roman Pomelov
1 year 10 months ago

Hello, the feature say sticky navigation but do not see this on demo site. Is it possible to see it on theme?

21 days 20 hours ago

Can’t find themes to purchase for XenForo 2.1.1 — is it a secret? 🙂