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Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 01 Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 02

DarkTabbed is a smooth and minimal Xenforo theme. Fast and light-weight, it uses very little images for snappy load times. DarkTabbed uses a simple color palette to appeal to users looking for a dark theme, while being easy on the eyes to read. Fully responsive and scales well to all devices.


  • Customizable Header  Logo PSD template included – fonts & styles ready to use, or swap in your own logo!
  • Nulumia Base System  includes our thousands of hand performed style edits to Xenforo as a part of all our skins.
  • Tested with over 100 mods! Our themes are compatible and style coordinated with dozens of third party addons for Xenforo, so you don’t have to worry about your add-ons appearing with default colors when using a Nulumia theme. We’ve done the work for you.
  • Sidebar Right/Left  Change the position of your sidebar in a single click.
  • Full responsive
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
  • Free Slideshow system
  • Easy to change colors
  • Hover transition effects
  • Add fullscreen backgrounds
  • Floating or boxed content mode
  • Footer builder system with nine block locations, including new parallax rows! Now compatible with Widget Framework!

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 10

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 11

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 12

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 03

Check out the Live Demo link to see Darktabbed in action! Our skin has now been released with Version 3, bringing a new and improved soft GUI appearance. For users looking for a flat, dark and easy to read theme, DarkTabbed is a perfect fit.

Adjust colors on the fly using Xenforo’s Color Palette. Darktabbed also comes loaded with great features such as full-screen fluid mode, responsive options, FontAwesome support and custom Google fonts. Now released with our latest NulumiaBase framework, check out why DarkTabbed is the perfect premium dark Xenforo style for your forum!

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 04 Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 05 Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 06

Nulumiabase 17 Xenforo Framework Overview

NulumiaBase is our in-house Xenforo Framework that adds countless new features, enhancements and user control to your Xenforo themes!

Making your Xenforo site stand out has never been easier.

Don’t have a slideshow plugin? No Problem.

NulumiaSlider is our new exclusive free slideshow feature based on the popular FlexSlider plugin! NulumiaSlider is included in all our premium themes and is a breeze to setup!

No need to install and manage plugins, our slider is unique in that it runs 100% on Xenforo Style Properties, making adding and managing slides a simple and fast process!

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 07

Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 09

Cross Browser Compatible

We’ve tested our themes on the following platforms to ensure your purchase runs as expected!


Works on iOS and Android Mobile Devices


Scales to the most popular mobile device sizes

Think complex themes can’t work on small scales? Think again!
See it in action HERE

Built In support for Google Fonts!

Change any text you like to any of the popular Google Fonts using our simple instructions.


Xenforo Dark Metro Responsive Style Darktabbed Theme 09


August 10, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.8

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-7
    • Added Global Border Radius feature (Available via [Nulumia] Styles property group)
    • Changed all demo content to use SSL paths
    • Improved handling of iOS sticky nav fix when enter the text editor (introduced in an earlier version)
    • Improved consistency between Link Group link colors in message/thread pages
    • Fixed a legacy bug where certain links pointed to an outdated Style Property
    • Introduced code to support the upcoming Sticky Header feature
    • Moved all Sticky Modbar, Sidebar & Navigation to a new [Nulumia] Sticky Settings group
  • Improved spacing of message layout on mobile, reduced padding around post and reply elements
  • Improved layout and appearance of the text editor, particularly for mobile
    • Icon groups are now indicated with a slight lighter background
    • Icons & groups will scale better and require less rows
  • Added support for the new Global Border Radius value (more will be added over time & based on user feedback)
  • Added 22 new optional body background textures
  • Moved default style body background from /xenforo/skin/body_bg.jpg to /xenforo/skin/body/bg1.jpg

August 5, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.7b

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-6
    • Added Side by Side node feature (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings group)
    • Added Background Rotation Feature (available via [Nulumia] Background Settings group)
    • Consolidated all theme functions and Javascript files into single /js/theme-functions.js file
    • Improved handling of sticky sidebar, sticky modbar, and sticky navigation
    • Optimized several templates
    • Added Jquery feature to move page into correct position when using Jump To Post when sticky navigation is enabled
    • Added new Jquery based handling of dynamic header height. Overrides Xenforo default handling via CSS, allowing more flexibility of adding content to the header area, larger logos, etc
    • Added new Style Property handling for the Xenforo mini-calendar (date picker form)
    • Entered foundational code for upcoming PrettySlider system (currently not active)
    • Deprecated and removed numerous outdated CSS entries
  • Added better support for larger logos and header spacing
  • Improved handling of header search bar. Now positions automatically to to the vertical center of the header area, when using larger logos
  • Dramatically improved styling of the search bar mini calendar to better match the theme
  • Fixed a bug where Thread Status text would not be visible
  • Improved contrast of text color of “Posted in/by..” text labels for threads & discussions
  • Cleaned out outdated CSS code
  • Added preset background wallpapers for the Background Rotation feature (blue and green styles)
  • Improved handling and appearance of header, padding and alignment etc when using either Full Custom Background or Floating Content Mode settings

July 11th, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.6

  • Fixed a bug where subnav menu links would not collapse or the New Posts link would not appear
  • Added improved handling of Sticky elements on legacy iOS devices
    • Added support for more textfield instances throughout Xenforo
    • Sticky Nav and Modbar now remain unstickied until submitting a text form

July 4th, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.5

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-5
    • Added CSS Ticker system (available via [Nulumia] Ticker Settings group)
    • Added Go to Top feature (available via [Nulumia] Theme Settings group)
    • Fixed a bug where slideshow captions would collapse behind bottom controls
    • Fixed a bug where Profile page tabs wouldn’t align correctly
    • Fixed a bug where the Profile -> Information tab content wouldn’t align correctly
    • Deprecated some outdated and unused CSS entries, moved others into Style Properties
    • Added new Header Height setting to Header & Navigation group
    • Added new Style Properties for Tags, removed hardcoded styling
    • Added new Style Property for the Nulumia Top Bar
    • Added new Style Property for the subnav tab links
    • Moved the header login button out of the login form and into the top bar
    • Unfixed the Top Bar height, now can expand on mobile views (The new Ticker drops down by default below the social links when on small screens)
    • Added compatibility for legacy iOS devices when posting or replying (fixed a bug where sticky elements would cover the text editor)
    • Fixed a bug which clipped some content in long dropdown menus
  • Slightly improved spacing between header and elements in different views
  • Deprecated some unused styling within the header area (image sprites etc)
  • Added background color fallbacks for legacy iOS devices where background:linear-gradient are used (headers, subheaders, categoryStrip etc)
  • Added new improved tab styling for notices
  • Improved position handling of mobile Search bar icon, moved out of top bar and into logoBlock area
  • Slightly condensed size and spacing of elements within the top bar
  • Fixed a bug in green color preset where userInfoContainer in threads wouldn’t have the correct color
  • Improved some h3 title colors for better readability
  • Streamlined text and link colors in footer for better consistency

June 18th, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.4

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-4
    • Added matching editor icons for XenGallery, DBTech Credits and Staff BBcodes
    • Added improved styling for Bookmarks by Xon addon (affects both listings and tabs)
    • Fixed a bug where usernames would overlap onto next line on mobile User Profile pages
    • Fixed a bug where Sticky Sidebar would sometimes overlap on XFA Members Map addon
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling — sidebars will now only activate sticky function if the main page content is larger than the height of the sidebar (helps prevent sidebar from breaking on “short” pages)
    • Added improved positioning for Original Poster Highlight banner
    • Fixed incorrect border colors on sidebar widget for bd Medals addon (when viewing user profile page)
    • Added improved styling for Post Areas addon
    • Added improved styling for DBTech Donations addon (fixes incorrect border color around content areas)
    • Added new Style Property group – [Nulumia] Addon Compatibility.
    • Added option to disable XenMoods banners on mobile sized screens
  • Slightly reduced h3 tag font sizes for better appearance
  • Slightly improved padding/container positioning around avatar holder areas
  • Fixed matching border color around Likes container when reading threads

June 8th, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.3

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-3
    • Added FontAwesome icon support to public/private links in threads
    • Added optional styling (via Style Properties) to public/private links in threads
    • Added force override option for public/private links to inherit global button style
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling
    • Upgraded to support Xenforo 1.5.14
    • Fixed a bug which caused delayed color transitions when hovering over FontAwesome icons
  • Fixed a bug where Sticky Nav or Sidebar would overlap popup menus or overlay panels

June 8th, 2017 | Theme Version 3.0.2

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-2
    • Added Sticky Mod Bar feature
    • Added Sticky Navigation feature
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling
    • Fixed a bug where Sticky Sidebar would overlap Slider when slider was set to full width / above forum
    • Moved handling of Sticky features from CSS to javascript. Sticky Mod/Nav/Sidebar can each be enabled or disabled separately, and will work together depending on the configuration
    • Minified js/nulumia/ files
    • Improved responsive handling of Mod Bar (removed fixed height)
    • Sticky elements now position accordingly when Mod Bar is stretched larger with many items
    • Deprecated several outdated CSS entries / consolidated into Style Properties
    • Moved forum row / forum row:hover properties from Nulumia Styles to Node Listing group
    • Added new Style Properties for Discussion List Items with hover states (can now be styled separately than forum_list appearance)
    • Added mousever effects to both forum rows and discussion list items
    • Added new Style Properties for Sticky threads (can now be styled separately / highlighted than regular list items)
    • Changed all Social Icons to open in new tab
    • Added option to add rel=”nofollow” or rel=”me” tags to social links
    • Added open in new tab to sample external links in footer
    • Fixed incorrect Node icon colors
    • Improved titles of unread/red node icon Properties
  • Reduced size of thread Usernames to suit longer names
  • Reduced spacing between sectionMain areas
  • Improved border appearance of forum rows and discussion list rows
  • Added enclosing bottom border for last row of forum and discussion lists
  • Improved appearance of sectionFooter elements
  • Matched appearance of Thread Tools handler (below discussion lists)
  • Improved styling of footer bar in both regular/Boxed Footer configurations
  • Improved styling of Last Post node boxes, deprecated duplicate CSS values
  • Improved contrast of @primaryLighter-@primaryLightest colors for better compatibility
  • Fixed several z-index issues where sticky elements would overlap or be overlapped by other page elements
  • Organized znlstyle.css entries

June 6th, 2017 |  Theme Version 3.0.1

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-1
    • Improved handling of Sticky Sidebar when Slider – Full Width Below Navigation mode is enabled
    • Fixed an issue where CSS would not fully render when using certain caching environments
    • Deprecated several CSS entries
    • Added Style Property customization to Browser Scrollbar colors
  • Deprecated several outdated theme CSS entries to make use of new NulumiaBase values
  • Included color presets in Download Package

May 23rd, 2017 |  Theme Version 3.0.0

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-0
    • Received all features and editions from NulumiaBase 1.5.0+
  • Comprehensive restyle of theme
  • Restyled non-tabbed headings to use CSS elements instead of image
  • Updated all floating notice styles
  • Applied CSS flex system to header columns for improved responsive handling
  • Added new gradient based appearance instead of image based sprites
  • Changed footer system from older custom DarkTabbed templates to NulumiaBase footer system
  • Added new theme-wide gray gradient appearance
  • Cleaned appearance of sidebar widgets
  • Added new full custom background system
    • Added option for either boxed content layout or floating content over full image backgrounds
  • Improved appearance of popup forms
  • Improved appearance of text inputs
  • Improved text editor sprites
  • Deprecated reliance on theme images for CSS-only styling
  • Restyled Xenforo Tabs appearance
  • Changed theme-wide font family to Ubuntu
  • Improved thread view layouts and reply areas
  • Moved forum row hover effects to NulumiaBase’s system
  • Fixed popup form ‘Close’ tabs from default to custom icon
  • Improved default user avatars
  • Improved popup tooltip styling
  • Restyled breadcrumb
  • Restyled menu dropdowns and menu items
  • Changed search box input button from image based to NulumiaBase’s optional button

Got something to discuss?

1 year 21 days ago

Hi, pretty cool theme I am trying to get my background image to work instead of the gray texture. I placed the image link in the body property in general group, its showing up but doesn’t stretch to the screen like in your Darktabbed Green demo. Could I get the css to make it fill the screen better?

Thanks for any help!

1 year 21 days ago

Hi there, sure I can help with that.
In DarkTabbed there is a built-in feature to make the custom background, so you don’t have to modify the body class. You can find this in Style Properties -> [Nulumia] Theme Settings -> *checkbox* Enable Full Custom Background.

Then on the left menu, open the property “Custom Background” and edit the image path there. The rest of the values are already set to make it display properly. This way, you can enable/disable the custom backgrounds without having to edit the CSS code 🙂

Screenshots and instructions on this and other features are included in the /documentation/readme section of your download package.


Roman Pomelov
1 year 10 days ago

Hello, the feature say sticky navigation but do not see this on demo site. Is it possible to see it on theme?