Why Copyright Removal?

Like most theme providers, we place a small copyright link in the footer of our themes, to protect our work and help get the word out. If you would like to remove the copyright notice on our themes, this item provides a Branding Free License key for use on a single theme or website.

Using with free themes:

If you’ve downloaded one of our free themes, simply grab a license key to remove the copyright notice from the footer. You may only use one (1) branding removal key on one theme, website or domain.

Using with premium themes:

When purchasing one of out premium themes, we give you the option to bundle Branding Removal together at the time of purchase.

If you’ve purchased a premium theme together with branding removal:
You will be provided a Branding Removal key included with your theme.

If you’ve purchased a premium theme with no branding removal, but wish to add it later:
You may purchase a Branding Removal key here and add it to your theme at any time.

Using with Xenforo themes:

Your Xenforo theme package will contain instructions on where to use the Branding Free code. After extracting your theme download package, please visit the included Documentation/Readme file in your theme folder.

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