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Change log


Previous Frameworks

  • Miscellaneous Improvements
    • Various code cleanup and improvements
    • Relabeled some custom Style Properties and descriptions
    • Optimizations to the PAGE_CONTAINER template
  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new feature to combine the navigation & sub-navigation rows into one element. Useful for applying shared background styling across both rows (available via [Nulumia] Header & Navigation Settings property group. Scroll to bottom of settings under new "Beta features" heading)
    • Added new setting to show the Compact Header whether the user is logged in or not, or to all visitors
  • Addon Related
    • Updated customized templates to latest version of Xenforo Media Gallery
  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new feature to change the alignment of the sub-navigation when using the Compact header layout
  • Featured Content
    • Added usergroup permissions for displaying the featured slider
    • Added an additional 5 widgets (total 20)
Framework 2.4.2
  • Framework Changes
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.2.3 compatibility, merged all templates
    • Added minified theme-functions.js for smaller file size
    • Added a new universal carousel init JS file, which can be called to convert any element of content into a Lightslider carousel. This method will replace the legacy 'nl_slick_init_macros' method. Stay tuned for further tutorials on using this method
    • Various page loading optimizations
  • Miscellaneous Improvements
    • Further optimization of templates
    • Improved styling of block filter bars on certain pages
    • Removed numerous custom CSS templates from loading in all instances, reducing page file size. Now custom CSS templates are called only in instances needed
    • Fixed a bug where the container element for articles or spaced-apart messages would have a drop shadow during the Floating Content layout
    • Reworked the content drop shadow system. Previously, drop shadows for popup elements (menus, overlays, tooltips etc) shared either the same drop shadows as the Content Drop Shadows specified in the [Nulumia] UX Settings group, or were hard-coded via CSS. You will now find a new option to use custom drop shadows for all popup-based elements, allowing for different shadow styles than on-page content. This is helpful when preferring different colors or opacities for shadows between the two.
    • You can now enable or disable drop shadows for content elements, and popup elements separately. For example, this allows for disabling content element shadows, but retaining drop shadows for menus and other popup types.
    • Cleaned all hard-coded or style property based drop shadows from all elements, to utilize the new system
    • Added drop shadows to many elements from third-party addons
  • Header & Navigation
    • Fixed a bug in previous versions which would effect styling of the sub-navigation row under certain header configurations
    • Removed all hard-coded alignment of the sub-navigation, in order to use the new alignment setting in the [Nulumia] Header & Navigation property group
    • Improved slide-out menu icon styling in some themes
    • Fixed a bug due to earlier versions which would cause the responsive/collapsed nav from inheriting its styling
    • Made the alignment of the sub-navigation when using the Compact Header default to right aligned, changed property label to reflect this change
  • Carousels
    • Added further fixes into many themes which will prevent a bug where XFMG media sliders don't function
    • Deprecated now legacy Slick framework from all themes. If you have custom content on your site that uses the built-in Nulumia slick bundle, you should migrate your content to use Xenforo's built in Lightslider module
    • Added a new setting to control whether the featured and icon carousels are shown to admins at all times (previously default behavior)
    • Improved handling of padding in the featured and logo icon carousels. When using the "floating" layout vs "block", carousels will no longer be inset from the page width.
    • Improved handling of padding in the featured and logo icon carousels. When using the "floating" layout vs "block", carousels will no longer be inset from the page width.
  • Node List
    • Fixed a bug in free themes where node icons would have an incorrect width
  • Discussion Grid
    • Fixed a bug where the Discussion grid trigger wouldn't be hidden on mobile / under the minimum allowed width
  • Messages
    • Fixed a bug where the "Message spacing" value would affect message lists in unintended pages. This setting now correctly affects the Thread and Conversation View templates only
    • Fixed a bug where the online indicator would not display over post author avatars
    • Fixed a bug where the post author user fields container would still appear, even when there are no fields to display
    • Added matching styling for the post author online indicator in many themes
    • Style properties for the message container and mod-selected messages are no longer limited to the Thread View template, but affect all messages elements (including conversations and profile comment elements) throughout Xenforo as should have been the case
    • Added improved styling for mod-selected messages in all themes
  • Footer
    • Fixed a bug where widgets within the footer would have drop shadows
    • Changed the icon slider which can appear in the footer top rows to use the new Lightslider method
  • Addon Changes
    • Added style compatibility for [MrJinx] Profile Fields Popup and added matching styling for most Nulumia themes
    • Added style compatibility for [SyTry] Profile Fields Popup and added matching styling for most Nulumia themes
    • Removed or reverted many unnecessary customized templates or style properties, for DragonByte Tech eCommerce, which are no longer needed in favor of the Responsive Product Grids for DragonByte eCommerce addon. This addon is now recommended for all Nulumia themes.
    • Improved style compatibility with 8WayRun XenMedio
    • Updated customized templates for DragonByte Tech eCommerce to the latest versions
    • Converted the product image & thumbnail slider on product pages from Slick framework to Xenforo's Lightslider
    • Moved all DragonByte Tech related style properties and settings from the [Nulumia] Addon Compatibility group to the DragonByte Tech eCommerce group
    • Added numerous new style properties & settings for product pages, such as controlling layout of the product images slider
    • Updated customized templates for XFMG and XFRM to latest versions
    • Added style compatibility with the [Nulumia] Advanced Sticky Threads Separator addon, added matching styling in most themes (more will be adjusted in future updates)

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading from last previous version
  • XML import AND file upload
Files changed
  • js/nulumia/theme-functions.js
  • js/nulumia/theme-functions.min.js
  • js/nulumia/lightslider.js
  • js/nulumia/lightslider.min.js


This release brings numerous bug fixes and improvements, along with update to Xenforo 2.2.3. Notably, an issue in some themes which could cause XFMG media widgets to not display has been fully ironed out. Improvements were made to message & conversation views, along with new style compatibility for third-party addons.


Check out the full details here: