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A powerful set of search engine optimization features for the Xenforo platform
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A powerful set of search engine optimization features for the Xenforo platform. SEO & Index Tools brings fine-tuned control for your website, covering important SEO factors such as indexing, meta tags, improved OG:Auth integration, and more!

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  • Unifies existing & new SEO options into convenient admin pages with navigation
  • Set a custom title for the forum list
  • Set a custom SEO title for the forum list
  • Always point paginated content back to canonical URL
  • Remove username & avatar links for guests
  • Specify usergroups to disable Google Analytics
  • Assign first thread post attachment as og:image
  • Assign first resource attachment as og:image
  • Assign first XenPorta attachment or feature as og:image
  • Assign first ecommerce product attachment as og:image
SEO Fields & Google Live Preview
  • Enter custom SEO title & description tags, og:image path, and use Google Live Preview for the following content:
    • Nodes, categories and pages
    • Threads
    • Media Gallery overview/home
    • Media Gallery categories
    • Media items
    • Resource Manager overview/home
    • Resource Manager categories
    • Resource items
    • XenPorta overview/home
    • XenPorta categories
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce overview/home
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce categories
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce products
    • [XR] Product Manager overview/home
    • [XR] Product Manager categories
    • [XR] Product Manager products
  • Select nodes where custom SEO can be set
Webmaster Tools
  • Enter site verification tokens for the following services:
    • Google Search Console
    • Bing site verification
    • Pinterest site verification
    • Yandex site verification
    • Baidu site verification
    • Facebook Pixel code
  • Add additional <head> scripts (before body)
  • Add additional before <footer> scripts (after body)
Noindex Management
  • Enable Noindex settings toggle (extra precaution before using noindex features)
  • Set Indexed, Noindexed, or Inherited by entire node or category. This will trickle down category trees until reaching a category which has been given a definitive choice (not Inherited):
    • Forum nodes/categories
    • Media Gallery categories
    • Resource Manager categories
    • XenPorta categories
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce categories
    • [XR] Product Manager categories
  • See the indexed status of nodes or categories in a helpful column on admin category lists
  • Apply noindex/nofollow directives to the following:
    • Forums
      • What's New pages
      • Help pages
      • Contact Us page
      • Styles list
      • Languages page
    • Threads
      • Starting at page X
      • With first post older than X days
      • With no replies after X days
      • Exclude sticky threads from noindex rules
    • Members
      • Member profiles
      • Member list
      • Notable members list
      • Member recent content pages
    • Resource Manager
      • Overview/home
      • Categories
      • Resources
      • Author pages
      • Review pages
      • Update lists
      • Update defail pages
    • Ecommerce
      • Overview/home
      • Author/owner pages
      • Download pages
      • Purchase & cart pages
      • Review pages
      • Product release listings
      • Product release detail pages
    • Social
      • Chat pages
      • Shoutbox pages
  • Adds missing sitemap functionality for the following content types:
    • Resource categories
    • Resource items
    • Media Gallery Items
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce products
  • Removes noindexed content from the sitemap
  • Detects and gives recommendations based on various optimal settings, such as:
    • Use of full friendly URLs
    • Server SSL support
    • Board https:// format
    • Presence of robots.txt file
    • etc
  • Adds various small fixes and improvements throughout XenForo
  • Adds the missing page description (optional) to the following areas:
    • Media Gallery overview
    • Resource Manager overview
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce overview
    • XenPorta articles overview
    • [XR] Product Manager overview

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