SEO & Index Tools 1.0.6 Release Candidate 3

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Change log

  • Fixed a bug with DragonByte Usertagging which could cause an error "disallowed attribute for element" when validating AMP enabled pages
  • Added further compatibility with the Usertagging addon with PHP handlers affecting the same functions
  • Added further compatibility and fallbacks for AMPXF addon
  • Fixed a bug which could cause "no default value for nl_seo_alt_text" when using XenAddons Showcase
  • Added further compatibility with some XenAddons products
  • Improved installers and upgrader scripts
  • Added all placeholder labels for settings within the Admin-> SEO -> Webmaster Tools page
  • Improved ordering of tag & script insertions from the Webmaster Tools settings, different tags will load in the head or footer as best suited
  • Fixed a bug where the Facebook meta pixel tag would not be present in the page HTML
  • Changed labeling for Facebook pixel to reflect the "Meta" parent company
  • Added "open in new tab" attribute when opening various links from setting descriptions
  • Added further compatibility with XFOptimize
  • Clicking the "Missing description tags" icon in the Admin -> Forums node list will now go to the correct page
  • Tweaked numerous setting descriptions for better clarity and explanation
  • Added numerous new hard-coded labels to the phrasing system
  • Further improved spacing and appearance of the SEO staffbar dropdown menu in various third-party themes
  • Fixed several install errors when upgrading the addon from very old versions, which previously required upgrading the addon in several steps of releases
  • Further testing for PHP8 with compatible addons
  • Improved the recommendations system
    • Missing meta fields are no longer counted in recommendations by default
    • Counting missing meta fields is enabled by the setting via the Admin -> SEO -> Advanced Settings page
    • The "Descriptions & meta fields" counters and Fix buttons are now split separately into description related issues and meta related issues
  • Improved markup for DragonByte eCommerce product pages to be in line with Google's latest expectations and interpretation of Schema

Release notes

This is a sizable bug fix and improvement update which addresses several user reported bugs and brings the addon close to public stable release. The addon has now been extensively tested on PHP8.x along with numerous third-party addons, including officially supported content-related addons (AMS, XFRM, etc).

The addon is considered stable on PHP8 with the exception of any user-reported issues regarding compatibility with other products.

In addition, the recommendations system has been tweaked to longer factor missing meta fields, and will display results separately for either missing description fields, or meta fields. The addon will automatically update recommendations after all upgrades to reflect new changes.

If you'd like to incorporate missing meta fields into your recommendations, you can do so by enabling the setting "Count missing meta fields as recommendations" via the Admin -> SEO -> Advanced Settings page.

The Webmaster Tools page now has more accurate descriptions with links to integrate the various services, such as Pinterest, Bing, Google Search Console, etc.