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  • Our SEO addon did not make Christmas even release as was hoped, but is quickly being finalized for its first public release! Please stay tuned for the official launch here at the store, or by following the sneak preview thread at Xenforo.com.
  • Our new powerful addon, SEO & Index Tools is almost released for Early Access! Early customers will be able to beta test the addon at a lower, locked-in license price. Stay tuned for announcements!

Change log

  • Further improvements to PHP handlers
  • Several minor PHP user reported bugs
  • Minor spelling corrections
  • Further phrasing integration
  • Phrase cleanup
  • Template optimization
  • Removal of unnecessary extensions, event listeners
  • Consolidation of CSS templates
  • More efficient deployment of custom LESS within the admin area
  • Improved handlers for unlinking usernames and avatars with other addons which affect these same functions
  • Improved execution order of various extensions and listeners for greater compatibility with other systems
  • New setting to enforce the title attribute for links, where the Xenforo Tooltip normally removes this attribute in favor of the Tooltip. It is now possible to have both at the same time
  • New setting to allow anchor links (#section-name) within posts.
  • New setting to automatically create anchor link-friendly slugs for post headings (H1, H2, H3 etc)
  • Fixed several rare bugs where link title tags wouldn't be automatically added to certain front-end pages
  • Fixed a rare bug where certain breadcrumb items would show twice
  • Fixed a rare bug where the breadcrumb could flag a Schema validation error within Google Search Console
  • Added support for the Extended Breadcrumb feature to XFMG categories
Google Live Preview
  • The meta title, description and open graph fields will limit text input to the allowed length
  • Substantial additions to the recommendations system
  • Cached alerts for recommendations
  • Added new notice to admin index
Settings & Admin UI
  • Grouped various settings which add features to the admin (meta indicators for node or category lists, etc) under new Admin heading on the SEO -> Advanced Options page
  • All settings which are marked as "BETA" will now additionally be found under a new Beta Features heading at the SEO -> Advanced Options page
  • Updated the option to remove the reactions link popup for guests. Now works correctly more newer versions of Xenforo
  • Added new status icons for thread lists, indicating their index status and having custom meta tags. These will display next to other statuses such as Watched, Poll etc.
Addon related
  • Improved compatibility with [Nulumia] XFOptimize
  • Improvements to AMS Dual-Mode system
  • Improvements to AMS 2.2.17 importers and migration steps
  • Fixed a bug related to custom meta entities for AMS <2.2.17 articles
  • Improved compatibility with Xenforo Media Gallery

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

You must select "Overwrite files during install/upgrade" when upgrading to this version.


This is a substantial update bringing numerous bugfixes, PHP 8 improvements, and an overhaul to the recommendations system.

The addon has been in active development & testing with PHP 8, with little to no issues currently detected. However, final PHP 8 compatibility will be guaranteed at Release 1.0.6 Stable.

New Recommendations

You'll find tons of new useful recommendations and statistics in this release, with many more planned. The addon will now scan threads, forums, and supported addon content such as products, resources and articles, to uncover missing descriptions and meta fields. In addition, orphaned data can also be detected and cleaned using a variety of new rebuild options.

Further, certain recommended settings are now detected.

Notes on the Recommendation system
Due to the amount of queries performed to generate recommendations, the results are now cached whenever visiting the Recommendations page. This way, notices and alerts on other sections of the admin area will not produce additional queries.

In addition, since future updates will continue to renovate and expand the recommendations system, recommendations will also be generated and cached on both addon upgrade, and fresh install.

This release currently marks "Missing meta title/descriptions" as a recommendation for non-thread content. Since this is technically optional and meta fields will always pull from the content title or description as a fallback, these recommendations will be made optional in the next update.

A new notice will greet you on the admin home page, indicating whether recommendations are present. This can be disabled at the SEO -> Advanced Settings page.

Meta Field Limits
The max character count for meta data has been increased to the following:
  • Meta title: 255
  • Meta description: 320
  • OpenGraph image path: 320
** Earlier versions of the addon used a higher than intended max character count for AMS meta data only. Upgrading to this version or above will truncate your AMS meta data to these lengths, if exceeding them.

AMS Compatibility
Numerous new improvements have been made to the Dual-Mode system for Article Management System. Several bugfixes have been made, greater efficiency, and improvements to the import system when migrating to AMS 2.2.17+.

Rebuild Tools

You can also find numerous new rebuild tools at the Admin -> Tools -> Rebuild caches page. These are intended to help cleanup meta data from users of very early editions of this addon, if orphaned data is detected in the database. A database backup is strongly recommended before using these tools.

There are tons more improvements to mention - so read up on the changelog!