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Change log

  • Improved phrasing, removed hard-coded labels, fixed some missing phrases
  • Removed several legacy templates and template modifications
  • Various PHP 8/8.1 compatibility improvements
  • Greatly improved accuracy, and consistency of Template Modifications alongside numerous other addons that affect the same areas of templates
    • Better ordering and priority of Template Modifications should now fix numerous failed modifications in certain themes and with other third party addons
    • Fixed consistency issues in UIX theme
    • Added compatibility with XFOptimize addon
  • Optimizations to the addon Listener scripts
  • Cleanup of unused properties, templates etc
  • Optimization of CSS/Less templates
  • Improved some page link tag occurrances
Page Titles
  • Added a new feature to change the page title separator, available via the SEO -> Page Titles page
    • "|" (default) or "-"
    • Improved PHP handlers with greater optimization for the page title rewrite function
    • The page title separator now respects when category titles are added before the title suffix
    • Fixed several rare instances where the custom page titles would not appear on the front-end
  • Improved handling of the Limit Page Title Characters feature
    • Added PHP 8 enhancements
    • Greater accuracy using the new page title separator feature
  • The Page Title Separator and Limit Page Title Characters features are now totally independent and will fire for all pages as intended
  • Fixed a bug where the current page breadcrumb element would break out of the container when enabling the Extended Breadcrumb feature
  • Improved UI of the Extended Breadcrumb on mobile which prevented the user from navigating back to the parent category
  • The current page is now hidden on mobile, and the parent category link restored when viewing from threads, resources, etc
  • Fixed several rare server errors
Google Live Preview
  • Improvements to the Google live preview code
Branding & schema
  • Optimization to the feature's template modifications to fix conflicts
Addon related
  • Various small code improvements for XenAddons compatibility
  • Fixed several small bugs related to DragonByte eCommerce addons
  • Fixed several rare server error reports relating to Xenforo Media Galllery

Release notes

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This release brings further testing and compatibility with PHP 8, along with fixing various user reported bugs, and bringing feature sets to stability for Public Stable version.

Several bugs have been fixed related to the Extended Breadcrumb and schema functions, along with a brand new feature to change the Page Title separator. Existing features have been slightly reworked to welcome this new change.