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Change log

  • Fixed a bug "Column 'nofollow' is unknown"
  • Fixed a bug "The following sub-option(s) are unknown: resource_authors"
  • Improved handling of noindexing of various XFRM pages (authors, reviews, updates)
  • Fixed a bug "The following sub-option(s) are unknown: shop_overview"
  • Rebuilt the Google Live Preview feature to work both on front and back-end
  • Improved handling of the Google Live Preview to detect existing meta title or description fields when third-party addons already supply them
  • Integrated the SEO meta description fields with AMS, entries are now saved in both AMS and SEO & Index Tools so uninstall will not cause any loss of customizations
  • Added new options "Article list title" and "Article list description" to AMS options page. These can override the H1 and page description of the main article list home page
  • Added full fallback hierarchy for these options into the page meta title and descriptions and the Google Live Preview. Leaving any field blank will gracefully fallback to the next option, finally utilizing the 'articles' phrase
  • Tweaked AMS to fallback to the 'xa_ams_articles' phrase for the Articles list if the AMS 'Articles meta description' field is blank
  • Verified and improved handling of custom SEO title and descriptions for AMS articles
  • Added various missing noindex entries or fixed situational issues which could cause noindexing not to work on some pages
  • Fixed a phrasing issue for the Google Live Preview meta description field
  • Improved JS handling of the Google Live Preview
  • Fixed a bug related to "nulumia_seo_meta_helper_macros : entityTitle is required and no value was provided"
  • Fixed a bug which could cause "get_headers: SSL Operation Failed" upon install in some server configurations
  • Improved handling of the server SSL check
  • Improved handling of the robots.txt detection and file read
  • Added various new Recommendations
    • New conflict detection for sitemap and member noindexing
    • Several new SEO related option checks
    • All active/user-selectable styles are now scanned for incorrect or missing logo, icon, metadata logo URL fields, and logo width and height values. Missing entries will now be listed on the Recommendations page with a link to fix them
  • Fixed a bug which could cause "Undefined array key 'nulumiaDisableMemberTooltipsDisable'" in certain configurations
  • Addon now has conflict prevention when running the [Nulumia] Disable Member Tooltips addon
  • Added missing custom page title suffixes for certain XFRM, AMS, and DragonByte eCommerce pages
  • Improved handling of various addon admin templates
  • Removed several legacy & unneeded update scripts which were required for pre-public release
  • Improved handling of install files
  • Removed a legacy Google Live Preview template and correctly pointed all relevant entries to the new improved system
  • Improved handling of the Google Live Preview URL structure breadcrumb (ie. sitename.com > Forums > thread-name). Now correctly matches the format as viewed on Google and offers greater syntactical support for matching various XF entities, categories, sections etc to display correctly according to Google

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

You must select "Overwrite files during install/upgrade" when upgrading to this version.


This is a major patch which addresses many bug reports and suggestions from users. In addition, there is now much further support for AMS Article Management System. The Google Live Preview feature has also been rebuilt and now works on both the front and back-end (currently working for threads, further implementation will be added to supported addons).