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A powerful set of search engine optimization features for the Xenforo platform
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A powerful set of search engine optimization features for the Xenforo platform. SEO & Index Tools brings fine-tuned control for your website, covering important SEO factors such as indexing, meta tags, improved OG:Auth integration, and more!

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SEO & Index Tools is a powerful collection of search engine optimization features for Xenforo 2. SEO & Index Tools is developed with years of experience in managing SEO and brings numerous key features missing from Xenforo.

With a focus on indexing content, you can have fine-tuned control over what content is indexed by search engine providers such as Google, Bing and more. Set noindex and nofollow directives on entire nodes or categories -- including those from addons such as Media Gallery or Resource Manager -- or set at the content level!


SEO & Index Tools includes a custom Google Live Preview feature for previewing how your content will appear in search engines! With optional meta title and description fields, this powerful exclusive feature will guide you to creating fantastic search snippets. Simply start typing and the Live Preview will update on the fly.
  • Uses content titles and descriptions by default
  • Fill out optional SEO titles or descriptions to override these values for search engines only, without interfering in your front-end or what your visitors will see
  • Assign custom OG:Auth images for social media sharing


SEO & Index Tools goes above and beyond in extending functionality to the most popular Xenforo addons. Enter custom SEO titles, descriptions and social sharing images to categories and content from Media Gallery, Resource Manager, Xenforo shop addons and more!



Full Feature List


  • Unifies existing & new SEO options into convenient admin pages with navigation
  • Set a custom title and description for the forum list
  • Set a custom meta title and description for the forum list
  • Always point paginated content back to canonical URL
  • Remove username & avatar links for guests
  • Specify usergroups to disable Google Analytics
  • Assign first thread post attachment as og:image
  • Assign first resource attachment as og:image
  • Assign first XenPorta attachment or feature as og:image
  • Assign first ecommerce product attachment as og:image
SEO Fields & Google Live Preview
  • Enter custom SEO title & description tags, og:image path, and use Google Live Preview for the following content:
    • Nodes, categories and pages
    • Threads
    • Media Gallery overview/home
    • Media Gallery categories
    • Media items
    • Resource Manager overview/home
    • Resource Manager categories
    • Resource items
    • AMS categories
    • AMS pages
    • XenPorta overview/home
    • XenPorta categories
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce overview/home
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce categories
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce products
    • [XR] Product Manager overview/home
    • [XR] Product Manager categories
    • [XR] Product Manager products
  • Select nodes where custom SEO can be set
Webmaster Tools
  • Enter site verification tokens for the following services:
    • Google Search Console
    • Bing site verification
    • Pinterest site verification
    • Yandex site verification
    • Baidu site verification
    • Facebook Pixel code
  • Add additional <head> scripts (before body)
  • Add additional before <footer> scripts (after body)
Index Management
  • Control indexing by entire node or category. This will trickle down category trees until reaching a category which has been given a definitive choice (not Inherited):
    • Forum nodes/categories
    • AMS categories
    • Media Gallery categories
    • Resource Manager categories
    • XenPorta categories
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce categories
    • [XR] Product Manager categories
  • See the indexed status of nodes or categories in a helpful column on admin category lists
  • Apply noindex/nofollow directives to the following:
    • Forums
      • What's New pages
      • Help pages
      • Contact Us page
      • Styles list
      • Languages page
    • Threads
      • Starting at page X
      • With first post older than X days
      • With no replies after X days
      • Exclude sticky threads from noindex rules
      • Minimum word count
    • Members
      • Member profiles
      • Member list
      • Notable members list
      • Member recent content pages
    • Article criteria
      • Publish date no more than X days
      • Last update no more than X days
      • Minimum comments
      • Minimum word count
    • Resource Manager
      • Overview/home
      • Categories
      • Resources
      • Author pages
      • Review pages
      • Update lists
      • Update detail pages
    • Resource criteria
      • Publish date no more than X days
      • Last update no more than X days
      • Minimum word count
    • Ecommerce
      • Overview/home
      • Author/owner pages
      • Download pages
      • Purchase & cart pages
      • Review pages
      • Product release listings
      • Product release detail pages
    • Product criteria
      • Creation date no more than X days
      • Last update no more than X days
      • Minimum word count
    • Social
      • Chat pages
      • Shoutbox pages
  • Adds missing sitemap functionality for the following content types:
    • Resource categories
    • Resource items
    • Media Gallery Items
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce products
  • Removes noindexed content from the sitemap
  • All new addon index features are implemented into sitemap creation
  • Detects and gives recommendations based on various optimal settings, such as:
    • Use of full friendly URLs
    • Server SSL support
    • Board https:// format
    • Presence of robots.txt file
    • etc
  • Adds various small fixes and improvements throughout XenForo
  • Adds the missing page description (optional) to the following areas:
    • Media Gallery overview
    • Resource Manager overview
    • DragonByte Tech eCommerce overview
    • XenPorta articles overview
    • [XR] Product Manager overview

About the beta phase​

Early adopters who purchase the addon will have the introduction price available. As SEO & Index Tools grows in features, it will increase in price to around $70-80 USD.

Because of likely frequent updates and feature changes, the introductory price is aimed at users for participating in the beta development process.

Q: Will there be other prices available?
Yes, several pricing tiers are in consideration, such as for small or non-profit websites.

General FAQ​

Q: What is indexing?
Search engine indexing is whether or not pages are included in search results, such as in Google or Bing, or blocked to these search engines. "Noindexing" a page means it will not be included in search results. It also affects your site's ranking and search placement.

Q: Why should you "index" or "noindex" content?
Typically, you don't want "junk" content or pages which offer no valuable text content or keywords, to be shown in Google. Rather, the goal is to only include valuable pages which you want people to click to visit your site. Think threads, your homepage, useful articles, etc. If a user makes a silly post about "Look at this funny cat", chances are you don't want this in Google search results!

Q: Can indexing affect my site's rank?
This is complicated, but YES! At the very simplest, by including tons of junk URLs in your search results, you're diluting the authority & positioning of your important pages. This can ultimately affect the overall Domain Authority of your website itself.

By blocking search engines to junk pages via the "noindex" or "nofollow" directives, you theoretically should cause a bump in the rank of your important content.

Getting Started​

First Steps​

  1. After installing the addon, edit usergroup permissions for setting meta tags on content
  2. Set "Manage SEO" admin permissions under Users -> Administrators
  3. Review any alerts at the SEO -> Recommendations page

General Settings​

Visit the SEO -> General Settings page and make sure the following are checked:
  1. Use full friendly URLs
  2. Include content title in URLs
  3. No pagination for canonical URLs
Next, set the usergroups to ignore Google Analytics, such as administrators.

Show signatures to guests
Consider disabling this option if you allow links, images or length content in signatures, which could detract from your thread ranking or send page rank to external websites.

Remove username links for guests
Use this to remove all links from usernames and avatars to guests, including search engines, which can prevent discovery of member profile URLs if you do not wish to include them in search engines.

Google Snippet Settings
Use these to enable the Live Google Preview feature for supported content

Open Graph Settings
Check whether to assign various attached images as the open graph image

Page Titles​

On this page, you can set custom forum list title and descriptions, meta tags, and set custom page title suffixes for various supported content.


On this page, you should use the recommended settings which will add link title tags for supported content. More content types will be added in future releases.

Webmaster Tools​

On this page, you can add various scripts for different services without the need of editing templates directly.

Index Management​

On this page, you can set indexing rules for various supported content, noindex specific pages, and set global default indexing criteria.

Q: I really don't know what to block from indexing. What should I do?
If you're not sure, don't do anything at first. Ask questions or research. It is best to have a plan to shape how you want to index your site before making potentially damaging changes.

Q: Should I noindex my members?
This is a major question and will differ drastically for various sites. If you need all rank focus on your valuable content, you may wish to noindex your member pages and profiles, especially if you have a large amount of members which may be diluting the rank of your important pages.

Q: Should I noindex the What's New area?
This is another tough question and depends on how much you require page rank to focus on your important pages. It is possible that What's New pages can outrank the destination content in some situations, or cause duplicate content. You should probably review these implications with an SEO auditing service before deciding.


On this page, you can see any errors or suggestions detected by the addon. This page is heavily under construction and will be significantly added to over new releases.

Advanced settings​

On this page, you should read the description of each option to choose whether to enable them. It is generally good to enable all settings with the Recommended label.

Additional indexing controls​

You can find settings to allow indexing for various supported contend by editing categories directly within Admin:
  • Forum categories and nodes
  • Product categories
  • Resource categories
  • Article categories
  • Media categories

You can also directly change the indexing for content via the front-end by clicking the green or red index status icon:


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