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Change log

  • The addon will now correctly use the minified JS file on live/production mode
  • Added a new test mode (administrator only) available in the User alerts and notifications options page

Release notes

** You must select "Overwrite files during upgrade" when importing this update **


In this update, administrators can now enable a simple test mode which will always cause the notice to appear on the front-end (will not appear for your visitors). This can help while adjusting the style and layout of your push opt-in notice.

You should disable this option after testing.

Current limitations:
The test mode still uses the actual push notice and is still functional. Enabling or disabling push while in test mode will still apply to your preferences. However you may visit your Account -> Preferences page and switch push notifications on or off while testing.

A fully simulated mode is being added for the next patch, where the full process (ie. Initial ask -> dismiss -> ask again -> "Ask another time") can be tested without affecting your preferences.