What's new

Portal Pro - Powerful Esports Gaming Theme 1.1.4

Change log

  • Misc Improvements
    • Updated several templates to latest Xenforo versions
    • Added Documentation links under various Nulumia theme feature style property groups
  • Social Settings
    • Added new setting to add Pinterest Save buttons when hovering over XFMG images and Dragonbyte Tech Ecommerce featured images (on by default) (available via [Nulumia] Social Settings property group)
  • Slider
    • Added basic permissions system (available via [Nulumia] Slider Settings property group)
  • Ticker
    • Added basic permissions system (available via [Nulumia] Ticker Settings property group)
  • Notices
    • Improved style property handling for various notice types
    • Fixed a bug where buttons wouldn't have the correct text color in certain notices
  • Node & Discussion List
    • Added a setting to change the width of the Last Post block (available via the Node/forum list property group)
  • Footer
    • Added settings to set a custom width (in pixel or percent) for each footer column
  • Theme Changes
    • Fixed a bug where the page title and description would have incorrect text color when the Page Header Row is disabled
    • Fixed a bug where the node Last Post block would have incorrect text color

Release notes

This update brings several new features, including permissions for the slider and scrolling ticker system, bugfixes and improvements to the Notice style properties.