Motortrend - Responsive Xenforo Automotive Car & Motorcycle Theme

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Change log

  • Framework
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.10p2, merged all templates
    • Updated modified templates to use latest Xenforo versions
    • Updated to Nulumia Framework 2.3.6
    • Reformatted commenting of core less templates
    • Deleted numerous deprecated style properties, CSS and unnecessary templates
    • Optimized many customized templates and removed calls to deprecated properties
    • Fixed a bug which caused a PHP server log error regarding the "nl_page_header_backgrounds.less" template
    • Reordered, renamed and added descriptions for numerous custom style properties for better ease of use
    • Added dependence for numerous custom style properties which rely on other on/off properties (settings will now be faded out when their required setting is deactivated)
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved CSS line-height handling of various elements for better compatibility with foreign typefaces
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the button--wide or button--fullWidth element to overflow its container
    • Fixed a bug which caused emoji menu labels to be hidden when using the "Hide menu headers" setting.
    • Improved line-height handling of tabs for better compatibility with foreign typefaces
    • Updated the Widget HTML template to its latest format
    • Titles within the page header row will no longer use a deprecated text size property from earlier versions
    • Slightly enlarged padding of popup tooltips in most themes
    • Slightly improved the padding of block-row elements (vertical padding is no longer equal to the horizontal value, but is slightly smaller as in default Xenforo)
    • Added new setting to control the appearance of the Account Menu logout link (available via the Popup Menus property group):
      • Menu link row (default)
      • Button with icon
      • Button CTA with icon
    • Added new settings to control the appearance, FontAwesome icon, and behavior of collapseTrigger toggles (available via Miscellaneous property group)
      • FlipX
      • FlipY
      • Rotate(180deg)
      • Specify different icon
    • Matched bold font-weight values with supported weights for the included Google web fonts in each theme
  • Header & Navigation
    • Fixed a bug which caused the sticky navigation and sticky sub-navigation style properties to not apply their styling.
    • Added improved z-index function to sticky nav elements
    • Fixed a bug which caused the Logo Max Height setting to not apply
    • Added both max width and max height settings the regular logo and the navigation small logo (available via [Nulumia] Header & Navigation property group)
    • Added a new style property for menu-opened links in the Compact Header layout
  • Carousels
    • Added new Auto Play Delay and Transition Speed settings to the Featured and Icon carousels
    • Updated the slick carousel macros template with latest available Slick variables
    • Slightly increased the default auto play delay timer for all carousels
  • Slider
    • Fixed several bugs where the slider controls and various settings would not affect the slider on the front-end. The slider has now been updated to use the < xf:macro template="nl_flexslider_macros" name="nl_slider" /> macro.
    • Updated the nl_flexslider_macros template with latest and reorganized variables
    • The flexslider.js file is no longer globally loaded, but will only be loaded when using slideshow on the page
  • Notices
    • The FontAwesome notice icon column is now enabled by default in most themes
    • Improved base styling for notices and icon columns in most themes
    • Added new style properties to control icon columns for each notice style (Primary, Accent, Dark etc)
    • The notice icon columns are now available for both scrolling and block notice types
  • Sidebar
    • Added new style property for hovered category list items (no longer uses the "selected" property, which will now be used when viewing the specified page
    • Updated all themes to use the new hover/selected properties
    • Extended the "active/selected" category list item style to category menus for the following:
      • XFMG
      • XFRM
      • DragonByte eCommerce
      • [XR] Product Manager
    • The "Hide sidebar on forum templates" setting has now been deprecated. You should follow standard procedure for removing sidebars by removing all widgets from that sidebar location in your Xenforo admin.
  • Discussion List
    • Greatly improved code handling for the Discussion Grid, spacing, responsiveness, items per row etc
    • Optimized the Discussion Grid CSS
    • Added new style property to set the minimum required screen size for the Discussion Grid (no longer uses the Node Grid minimum value)
    • The Discussion Grid now correctly resets to default appearance when under the minimum allowed widget
  • Messages
    • Added new setting to move the user info column to above the message, as a horizontal row
    • Added new setting to control the size of the avatar when the user column is placed above the message
    • Added new setting to collapse user extra fields (can be toggled open/closed)
    • Added new setting to move the user extra fields to change the location of the user extra fields when using the above-message layout:
      • Upper right corner
      • Below the username
    • Added new style property for the user extra fields group
    • Added new style property for labels within the user extra fields group
    • Added new option to control the width of the quickreply avatar column:
      • Same as message user info column
      • Contract to fit the avatar
  • Footer
  • Addon Related
    • Updated items-per-row handling for various DragonByte eCommerce layouts and widgets
    • Added new style property to override the product thumbnail size/ratio on product lists over the default dimensions set via options. This will not change the dimensions of the image, but will crop display on the front-end
    • Added much improved styling for Siropu chat widgets and chat room lists
  • Theme Changes
    • Improved CSS to prevent orange icon accents next to some text headings from repeating
    • Fixed a bug which caused the triangle overlays below the Featured Content carousel to not match the page background color
    • Improved consistency for block header styling & menu headers. All block headers have been assigned to use the "Block header" style (Style Properties -> Blocks -> Block head style)
    • Improved the appearance of the slider caption when moved below the slide on mobile layouts
    • Adjusted appearance of tooltips (now uses darker matte blue instead of light gray). This should improve readability against certain elements
    • Enabled notice icon columns by default
    • Improved styling of some notice types
    • Adjusted appearance of "New" indicators within thread lists, when the option to show them is enabled (enabled by default). Changed from dark to red-orange accent color for greater contrast at first glance
    • Thread list titles for read/old threads no longer use the bold font weight. Bold is now only applied to unread/new thread titles, per Xenforo default. Note that this is also done in conjunction with the "New" thread indicator labels

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading from last previous version
  • XML import only
Child-themes XMLs updated in this version
  • None


This update brings substantial bug fixes, improvements and new features to Nulumia themes. Most notably, you'll find a new option to move the message user info column to above the message body, in a horizontal row! Further, you can now collapse the user extra fields with a convenient toggle arrow. Additional improvements have been made to features such as the slider, carousels, discussion grid and more!

** NOTICE ** Changes made in this edition

Motortrend has received various UI & style tweaks in this update. Various tooltips, thread indicator labels, and certain typography have been adjusted for improved readability. Notices have also been slightly adjusted.

Block headers also now use a unified style, eliminating the presence of different block header appearances on some layouts which use both the block-minorHeader and block-header types. Motortrend now uses an enforced/global style of the block-header element (frequently done in Nulumia themes), set via:
Style Properties -> Blocks -> Block header style

You may reverse or change this setting to allow for different block header styles.

You should check the portion of the Changelog above under the "Theme Changes" section for full details.

Check out the notes in more detail here:
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