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Change log

  • Fixed review stars on Resource Manager lists
  • Removed the "block" element around custom content in HTML widgets. This was originally meant to help contain content from breaking out of the sidebar, but may also cause layout issues in other content areas. It's recommended to wrap your custom content in a <div class="block"></div> element when using Advanced mode HTML widgets in the sidebar.
  • Fixed issues with aside and floating captions in the slider
  • Fixed an issue preventing hover and alternating rows in structured lists, such as on Resource Manager index or categories

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading from last previous version
  • XML import only
Changes made to child-style XMLs
  • None

**This is NOT a one-click archive release**
Due to this update being a hot-fix and one-click archive support not officially rolled out yet to the downloads system, you will still need to manually unzip the file package and import/overwrite XML files.


This update includes several bugfixes and improvements to Resource lists and structured lists, including alternating rows and hover effects.