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Change log

  • Framework
    • Further optimization of template customizations
  • Misc Improvements
    • Fixed several bugs regarding ad locations in the PAGE_CONTAINER template
    • Fixed a bug where the new Apple touch icon head tag was missing in some themes
  • Carousels
    • Improved styling of directional arrows in most themes
  • Node/forum list
    • Added support for search type forums in the Node Grid layout
    • Fixed an issue where the sidebar could drop below the main content on Question and Suggestion node types
    • Added new options to set Font Awesome icons for Search, Article, Question, and Suggestion nodes
    • The Discussion Grid toggle icon will no longer appear in Article forums where the preview grid is enabled
    • Fixed several HTML structural bugs in forum_view template

  • Framework 2.4.1
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.2.1, merged all templates
    • Updated modified templates to use latest Xenforo versions
    • Updated to Nulumia Framework 2.4.1 Beta 1
  • Misc Improvements
    • Added improved cache busting to the nulumia/theme-functions.js file, to ensure latest changes are seen by visitors as more improvements are added to carousel functionality
  • Carousels
    • Migrated Nulumia theme carousels to Xenforo's native LightSlider module. All Nulumia themes will utilize LightSlider moving forward, while Slick will be retained as a legacy fallback for several additional versions.
    • Fixed a bug where carousel content/slides would flash in before CSS rendering, causing a momentary breakage in page layout. Issue:
    • Added new Style Properties for arrow directional controls in the Featured Content Slider, can now override default arrow styling for general carousels
    • Adjusted styling of arrow controls and dot pager in most themes
    • Moved carousel Javascript handling to the nulumia/theme-functions.js file, is no longer embedded in page HTML

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading from last previous version
  • XML import AND file upload
Files changed since last previous version
  • /nulumia/js/theme-functions.js


This update introduces the first change from the Slick slider framework used so far in Nulumia themes, to the bundled LightSlider framework within Xenforo. This has been a long-planned change going forward on Xenforo 2.2, although Slick will still be retained in Nulumia themes as a fallback for several versions.

The Logo Icon & Featured Content carousels are now running on LightSlider, however this migration will soon make its way to all Nulumia theme features - including the Slideshow, product pages, and addons.

As Nulumia themes have supported using Slick for custom content sliders (using the provided macros), these features will continue to run until Slick is fully removed.

This change to LightSlider will provide cleaner, faster themes - both in real use, and in import & install!

This update also focuses heavily on the forum and node list, including support for Search Forums in the Nulumia Node Grid feature. In addition, you can now specify custom Font Awesome icons for Search, Article, Question and Suggestion node types (thanks to @Mouth for the suggestion):

Check out the details at: