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Interface Series - Dark Photoshop Layer Style & Resource Megapack

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2016 Most Popular Item!
Set of dark styles and resources for an immersive, creative design style. Perfect for gaming genre and 3D “interface-style” web design, this pack was in fact assembled from the early days when 3D web style was at its peak.

Contains both PSD files and Photoshop Styles ASL file.

Feature List
  • Soft Metal Photoshop Styles Pack
  • Dark GUI Application Scrollbars
  • Creative Divider Bars
  • Interface Photoshop Styles Pack #1
  • Interface Photoshop Styles Pack #2
  • Soft Metal Photoshop Styles Pack #2
  • Soft Metal Photoshop Styles Pack #3
Soft metal and interface styles contain silver, chrome, brushed metal, worn metal and grunge styles. Great for Photoshop text, buttons, layers and even creating logos!

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Photoshop CS5+
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