Expanded Category List Menus

Choose whether category widget menus will be expanded or collapsed by default
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A simple & lightweight addon to choose whether category widget menus will be expanded or collapsed by default. Supports third-party addons with on/off settings per section of your forum.

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By default, Xenforo displays category list widgets & menus in the collapsed view. This requires your visitors to click to expand category lists throughout your forum. This addon allows you to choose whether category list widgets should start in the expanded view.

  • Xenforo Media Gallery categories
  • Xenforo Resource Manager categories
  • Shop & ecommerce pages*
    Supports: DragonByte eCommerce & [XR] Product Manager
Installation & Use

Simple install the addon and visit the following page in your admin:
Setup -> Options -> [Nulumia] Expanded category menus

Then, simply check or uncheck the areas to apply the expanded menus!
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