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Change log

  • Framework Changes
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.8, merged all templates
    • Updated to Nulumia Framework 2.3.4 RC1
    • Numerous new codebase improvements
    • Renamed & reordered numerous properties within the [Nulumia] settings groups for better accessibility
    • The Structured Item Lists property group has been renamed to Discussion/thread list
  • Misc Improvements
    • Matched breadcrumb functionality to the Nulumia Breadcrumb Essentials addon in all Nulumia pro themes
    • Improved handling of block-link styling
    • Improved styling of data list tables
    • Added new supported elements to hover transitions and content drop shadows
    • Added new "Flat style" setting to control how blocks and presented. By default, Xenforo uses inner padding for all block elements in a "container" style. This new setting allows blocks to be flattened and lose their container appearance, with no border, padding, or background. The flattened style will use a more floating appearance with inner content sitting over the body background. Useful for themes with minimal UI. (Available via the Blocks property group.)
    • Improved appearance of block-footers in numerous themes
    • Numerous UI, padding, typography, & text color tweaks to all themes
    • Added new Footer Text properties to Basic Colors. (footerTextColor, footerTextColorDimmed, footerTextColorMuted, footerLinkColor, footerLinkHoverColor). Applied all properties within the Footer and [Nulumia] Advanced Footer groups
    • Added new Label Subtle property
    • Removed the "nl" prefix from several commonly used custom properties:
      • @xf-nlBlockHeadPaddingV -> @xf-blockHeadPaddingV
      • @xf-nlBlockHeadPaddingH -> @xf-blockHeadPaddingH
      • @xf-nlBlockFooterHeight -> @xf-blockFooterHeight
      • @xf-nlContentPadding-> @xf-contentPadding
    • Fixed some display issues with the icon column within Notices
    • Improved styling of all notice types in all themes
    • The heavy/bold font weight in most themes has been changed from 700 (very bold) to 500 for a less harsh appearance
  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new theme hook location under_topbar_above_header to nulumia_themehook_macros
    • Added new property to set the navigation small logo (available via Basic Options property group)
    • Added new option to move the navigation above the logo area (available via [Nulumia] Header & Navigation property group)
    • Fixed some display issues with the breadcrumb within the Page Header row
    • Improved handling of width and inner spacing under various configurations, such as floating vs boxed layout, fixed vs fluid, etc
    • Added new properties to style visitor tabs and alert badges when placed in the top bar
    • Added new properties to style links in the Staff bar
    • Fixed some bugs related to moving the Visitor Tabs placement to the top bar or logo row area
    • The Visitor Tabs will now always return to the Xenforo mobile navigation under responsive narrow width if placed in the logo row
    • Improved the appearance of dropdown menus and spacing from their parent elements
    • Added new option to display custom content in the header right position (will display next to the header advertising location). Available via [Nulumia] Header & Navigation property group). Contents are edited via the nulumia_headercontent_right template
    • The user Visitor Tab will no longer use hovered styling when placed in the top bar or logo row
  • Carousels
    • Added new full matching settings for the Featured & Logo Icon carousels:
      • Both carousels now offer on/off setting for arrow and dot controls, autoplay, autoplay time, infinite
      • Added new Randomize Slides option to both carousels
      • Added new Slides Start At option to both carousels, can toggle between left (default) and center
    • Updated the nulumia_slick_macros template to allow variables from latest Slick slider release
    • The Logo Icon carousel now lists the custom HTML snippet to place in custom template locations
  • Slider
    • Fixed some bugs with the slider captions under different positions (left, floating, bottom)
    • Styling can now be targeted within the slide captions for when the current slide is being hovered
  • Sidebar
    • Extended the sidebar properties to affect other sidebar locations, such as the Resource section and sidebars introduced by other addons
    • Improved spacing of elements within sidebar content rows
  • Forums & Node List
    • Added new properties to override inner cell spacing within Grid Layout nodes
    • Added new options to separately change the node description style, node stats location, and iconify node stats options for the Node Grid Layout
    • Improved appearance of the Node Grid in numerous themes
    • Improved appearance of the regular node list in all themes
    • Added new Category Collapse Toggles on the forum list
    • Fixed a default Xenforo bug where last post author names would be clipped without using an ellipsis (...)
    • Reactivated the alternating row colors setting for the node list
    • Improved contrast between hover & alternating row colors in all themes for better UI
    • Alternating row colors will no longer affect the Node Grid layout
    • Added new property to style the group of last post elements (author name, date etc)
    • The separated category title & description option no longer relies on Jquery and is handled via templates
  • Discussion List
    • Added new option to choose how to indicate New/Unread threads, such as adding a dot or "NEW" label to the end of thread titles (available via Discussion/thread list property group)
    • Added new Discussion Grid layout, with optional toggle feature (available via [Nulumia] Discussion Grid property group)
    • Reactivated the alternating row colors setting for the discussion list
    • Improved contrast between hover & alternating row colors in all themes for better UI
    • Added new property to style the group of last post elements (author name, date etc)
    • Added new property to style Sticky items
  • Messages
    • Added new property to style mod-selected messages
    • Added new option to change the display of action/edit links within Messages: CTA button, primary button, or inline-links
    • Fixed some alignment issues with action/edit links and inline checkboxes
  • Member Profiles
    • Added new option to move the member tabs below the profile header (available via Member profiles property group)
    • Added new properties to style header labels, popup profiles and other elements
    • Usernames now always use Capitalized format. All uppercase usage has been removed from various themes
    • Changed the large user avatar on member profiles to a square format by default
  • Footer
    • Improved handling of width and inner spacing under various configurations, such as floating vs boxed layout, fixed vs fluid, etc
    • Added further styling support for Widgets placed in the [Nulumia] Advanced Footer columns
    • Added new options to hide/show the custom HTML content for the Advanced Footer columns, when also using Xenforo Widgets within the columns. Previously, custom HTML had to be erased in order to only use Widgets. Now, the custom HTML can be saved but simply switched off.
    • Improved padding and spacing of rows & blocks within the Advanced Footer
    • Reworked the column list item bullet options to allow custom Font Awesome icons to be placed within the columns
    • Added new property to resize avatars within the footer columns, useful for compact widgets
  • Addon Related
    • Updated custom templates for DragonByte Tech eCommerce
    • Misc improvements for Siropu Chat & Shoutbox
    • Updated compatibility for icons within the logo area and top bar visitor tabs for several Siropu addons

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading From Last Previous Version:
  • XML import only

This is a significant update spanning several Xenforo versions worth of changes, bugfixes & feature improvements.

Highlights include the new Collapsible Forum Categories and Discussion Grid - giving forum visitors greater UI experience. The featured and logo icon carousels also provide new settings, such as the ability to randomize slides and choose the starting slide order.

With the recent Advanced Footer Widgets Positions addon, custom HTML entered via style properties for the Advanced Footer columns can now be toggled on/off. This allows you to save your custom HTML when using Xenforo widgets in the footer, where previously this content had to be erased.

Check out the changelog for full details!