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Change log

Framework changes
  • Upgraded to Nulumia framework 2.3.2
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Fixed an issue where full Particles.js backgrounds would not function
  • Node & discussion list
    • Further compatibility improvements with TH Nodes
    • Further appearance tweaks for the TH Nodes grid
    • Fixed an issue which could cause node icons not to display when TH Nodes was enabled
    • The Nulumia node grid or node backgrounds will no longer load when TH Nodes grid or node styling is enabled, regardless of whether the built-in features are enabled (helps to prevent styling conflicts)
    • Style properties which were intended to target forum list elements (category headings, groups of nodes) will now strictly affect those elements, and will no longer affect similarly structured elements above or below the node list
Framework changes
  • Upgraded to Nulumia framework 2.3.1rc1
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Made numerous optimizations to Color Palette and Basic Color usage
    • Optimized templates
    • Fixed conditional styling of many sections under boxed or floating content layouts
    • Added Style Properties to style tooltip popups for Members, Share, Bookmark etc
    • Matched styling of member tooltip popups to member profile pages
    • Added custom styling and Style Property for message-attribution items (Date, Rating, etc)
  • Header & navigation
    • Added numerous improvements to padding & spacing of header/nav elements under different configurations (compact header, wide or fixed etc)
    • Fixed a bug which affected the page header row breadcrumb on mobile layouts
    • Added Style Property to style content groupings within the page header row (such as Resource title & info)
    • Added property to style the member username within the Account menu
  • Carousels
    • Improved handling of block-style and width of the logo icon carousel
    • Can separately toggle full width row and full width inner row for the logo icon carousel
  • Node & discussion list
    • Added considerable improvements for the Node Grid feature to subforums and subcategories
    • Top level nodes as categories on the forum list now appear much better in the node grid
    • Added better spacing between grid nodes on mobile layouts
  • Footer
    • Greatly improved handling of padding & spacing of the footer under different configurations (fixed or stretch, boxed vs floating layout etc)
    • Fixed a spacing bug between items in the footer columns
  • Addon related
    • Compatibility fixes for [TH] Nodes grid
    • Compatibility fixes with Siropu Chat and Siropu Shoutbox
    • Fixed a bug affecting block-footer buttons on XenPorta article items

  • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.6
  • Further reduced customized templates, updated templates to latest versions
  • Corrected default image node-sprite colors in various themes/presets
  • Added shortcuts to Review pages (at Nulumia.com and Xenforo.com) to theme download package
  • Misc Improvements
    • Updated several Xenforo templates
    • Fixed an issue which could cause <ul> lists to display incorrectly in some scenarios on mobile
    • Minor bugfixes
    • Added more consistent styling across block links, popup menus, and category lists
    • Added properties to style links within block footers
    • Added custom property to style form labels (available via Forms property group)
    • Added sidebar related style property support for the Xenforo Resource Manager sidebar
    • Added styling for paired lists (available via Miscellaneous property group)
    • Fixed some Jquery browser console reports
  • Navigation
    • Added new option to display the logo image at the top of the mobile slide out navigation, instead of the "Menu" label (available via the Mobile slide navigation property group)
  • Page Header
    • Added support for both full/absolute and relative image paths for the Parallax.Js background mode. You can now specify an image using Xenforo syntax such as @xf-themePath/image.jpg or https://imagename.jpg
  • Node & Discussion List
    • Improved appearance for very long thread titles
    • Improved styling of image grid nodes
    • Improved styling of new message indicators
  • Messages
    • Added better styling for various custom BBCodes
  • Addon Related
    • Improved styling for the vertical attachment carousel on medium and narrow responsive views
    • Removed all XenPorta customizations in favor of the new XenPorta Improvements addon. You should install this addon to keep the customized XenPorta appearance previously found in Nulumia themes.
NulumiaBase Framework Changes
  • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.5a, Xenforo Media Gallery 2.1.5
  • Merged all outdated templates
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved CSS handling of block links
    • You can now customize heading tags (H1 - H5) individually via the Typography style property group!
    • Moved custom CSS from several templates into custom sheet and reverted templates for lighter XML delivery
    • Added CSS support for Flickr thumbnail gallery embeds
    • Fixed a bug which would cause wide-screen content rows to behave improperly on boxed vs floating page layout
    • Improved spacing of button icons when icon codes are entered manually into button class links via templates
  • Header & Navigation
    • You can now add Particles.Js effect to the Page Header Row!
    • Fixed a bug which which caused the setting to hide the sub-navigation links and display them in a popup menu not to work
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the visitor tabs to appear twice when moved from the navigation into the top bar or the logo area
  • Sliders & Carousels
    • Fixed some RTL bugs and optimized CSS delivery for several slider and carousel features
    • Improved "Edge fit spacing" for partner icon and featured content carousels. Carousel rows now correctly snap to edges of the page or containing element (.p-body-inner, etc) regardless of using Boxed or Floating layout.
    • Improved handling of Block vs Transparent container setting for carousel sliders. Further, you can now set full-width rows for the carousels, while optionally setting fixed or full width for the inner content (the slider itself).
    • You can now style the overall row containing the partner icon and featured content carousels
    • You can now choose between a Simple (<h3> tag) or Advanced HTML title for the featured content carousel.
    • Fixed a bug where carousel control dots on hover wouldn't inherit their style property
    • Added new style properties to customize partner icon carousel images (available via the [Nulumia] Partner Icon Carousel property group)
  • Node & Discussion List
    • Fixed some inconsistent styling in some themes for the Node Grid
  • Addon Related
    • Moved all XenPorta customizations into the new XenPorta 2 Improvements addon (free).
    • Updated templates for DragonByte Tech eCommerce
    • Updated/reverted templates for Siropu Chat

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading From Last Previous Version:
  • XML import only

This update is a large release of several Nulumia framework and Xenforo versions (2.1.5 - 2.1.6).