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Change log

NulumiaBase Framework Changes
  • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.4
  • Merged all outdated templates
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved the layout of the account wrapper sidebar
    • Improved styling of block separated rows, such as found in What's New listings
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of buttons
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of Light Slider based features
    • Improved styling of node popup menus
    • Added custom property to style the secondary header row within member profiles
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of link type buttons
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of tabs
    • Added soft hover transitions to more elements
    • Improved styling and appearance of notice links
    • Improved styling of alert badges
  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new Parallax background support for the Page Header Row (available via [Nulumia] Page Layouts property group)
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of the responsive navigation bar and menu trigger
  • Slider
    • Fixed a bug affecting slider caption locations
    • Improved styling of HTML elements within slider captions
  • Node & Discussion List
    • Improved appearance for very long thread titles
    • Improved styling of image grid nodes
    • Improved styling of new message indicators
  • Messages
    • Added better styling for various custom BBCodes
  • Addon Related
    • Added new product widget layout settings for DragonByte Tech Ecommerce
Theme Changes
  • Improved color palettes for all presets
  • Fixed incorrect colors of read/unread node icons
  • Fixed a bug preventing node icons read/unread icons from appearing
  • Improved styling of node rows
  • Improved styling of structured/discussion lists
  • Improved styling of social icons
  • The Center Footer Content option is now enabled by default in the theme
  • Improved styling of tabs

Release notes


This release includes update to Xenforo 2.1.4, numerous bug fixes, visual improvements and other tweaks. Notably, you can also now use smooth scrolling parallax backgrounds for the Page Header Row!