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Change log

  • Framework
    • Further optimization of template customizations
    • Heavily reduced the amount of CSS normally loaded with all themes. Feature specific CSS is now loaded much more efficiently when features are being used, saving on page size and load times
  • Misc Improvements
    • Minor bug fixes
  • Node/forum list
    • Overhauled the included Node Grid and Node Background features with heavily improved markup (reduced HTML, CSS, etc)
    • New Node Grid handles much better on smaller devices, with less browser specific bugs such as breaking out of containers, text overflow, etc
    • The fixed (non-fluid) Node Grid is now much better supported, with consistent behavior and appearance across all browsers (previously, stretch/fluid width nodes was recommended)
    • The Node Grid now has additional Style Properties for controlling node minimum widths, max widths, etc
    • All themes now use accents to define sticky threads from normal threads (appearance differs by theme)
    • Fixed a bug which could cause nodes in the Node Grid to appear incorrectly when using sub-forums
  • Messages
    • Improvements have been made to the Rich Text Editor in most themes
  • Addon related
    • Further improved prevention of a bug that would cause media widgets to not display in certain conditions, this bug should be fully squashed
    • Updated compatibility with TH Nodes addon. While disabling TH Nodes or the included free Node Grid over the preferred choice is recommended, fallbacks remain in place in case both features are enabled at the same time. This however should be avoided.

Release notes

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

Upgrading from last previous version
  • XML import only

This update further focuses on the forum & node list, by heavily improving the included Node Grid feature. The new grid system was rewritten with improved Flexbox HTML, and handles much better on various screen sizes and when compacted to smaller layouts. Additionally, the fluid & fixed width nodes option now handles equally well - as previously, the fluid option was recommended to prevent visual bugs in certain browsers.

While all existing themes will ship with the fluid-width Node Grid in place, the fixed-width layout will be the preferred mode in all new themes.

Additionally, updated compatibility with TH Nodes addon has been tested. In the case of using this addon, it is still recommended to disable the included Node Grid in Nulumia themes (or vice versa) as your preferred choice.

If you are an existing license holder, keep an eye on your notifications for when you can download your new theme update.