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Change log

  • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.6
  • Further reduced customized templates, updated templates to latest versions
  • Corrected default image node-sprite colors in various themes/presets
  • Added shortcuts to Review pages (at Nulumia.com and Xenforo.com) to theme download package

Release notes

Upgrading From Last Previous Version:
  • XML import only

This release brings compatibility with Xenforo 2.1.6, and updates many templates to latest versions.

Versioning Change
In all future releases, Nulumia theme versions will now match their corresponding version of Xenforo, followed by an additional digit for smaller updates.

Xenforo: 2.2.0

The final number will represent theme updates (0-15) within the current version of Xenforo, such as maintenance and feature patches. This will allow up to 15 updates to a given theme before the next released version of Xenforo.