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Aftermath - Dark Tactical Grunge Xenforo 2 Gaming Theme 1.1.8

Change log

NulumiaBase Framework Changes
  • Misc Improvements
    • Made numerous RTL improvements, including slider and carousel controls
  • Header & Navigation
    • Fixed a bug where the visitor tabs would no longer return to the mobile navigation when initially set to appear in the top bar or logo area
  • Slider
    • The Slider Max Height setting now only applies above the Xenforo Narrow/Mobile width layout. This is to prevent the mobile slider bottom caption from being clipped from visibility.
NulumiaBase Framework Changes
  • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.4
  • Merged all outdated templates
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved the layout of the account wrapper sidebar
    • Improved styling of block separated rows, such as found in What's New listings
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of buttons
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of Light Slider based features
    • Improved styling of node popup menus
    • Added custom property to style the secondary header row within member profiles
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of link type buttons
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of tabs
    • Added soft hover transitions to more elements
    • Improved styling and appearance of notice links
    • Improved styling of alert badges
  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new Parallax background support for the Page Header Row (available via [Nulumia] Page Layouts property group)
    • Fixed a bug affecting styling of the responsive navigation bar and menu trigger
  • Slider
    • Fixed a bug affecting slider caption locations
    • Improved styling of HTML elements within slider captions
  • Node & Discussion List
    • Improved appearance for very long thread titles
    • Improved styling of image grid nodes
    • Improved styling of new message indicators
  • Messages
    • Added better styling for various custom BBCodes
  • Addon Related
    • Added new product widget layout settings for DragonByte Tech Ecommerce

Release notes

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Upgrading From Last Previous Version:
  • XML import and file upload
This release brings native compatibility with Xenforo 2.1.4, and fixes several issues with the visitor tab alternative locations and slider captions. There are also numerous RTL layout improvements, including slider and carousel controls.