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Aftermath - Dark Tactical Grunge Gaming Theme 1.1.5

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Change log

  • Misc Improvements
    • Removed older addon legacy templates
    • Fixed issue in some themes which caused the Contact Us link to always load a new page instead of a popup form
    • Fixed a padding issue in the Contact Us form heading
    • Fixed column gutter issue in certain flex-based rows
    • Added a new option to enable using a custom ParticlesJS configuration file. After enabled, the URL type may be set to either absolute URL (www..) or to begin with the Style Folder Path setting supplied in the Basic Options property group.
  • Header & Navigation
    • Fixed link and icon colors in the Compact Navigation layout
    • Added Style Properties to tweak mobile visitor tabs
    • Added Style Properties to style all links and icons in the top bar. These will now be the default appearance for social icons and visitor tabs as well (when placed in the top bar) when not specifically styled via their own properties (i.e. [Nulumia] Social Settings, etc).
    • Added missing hover transitions to top bar links
    • Reduced padding of elements within the mobile nav
  • Icon & Featured Content Carousels
    • Converted all carousel features to use the Xenforo block + block-container markup system
    • Added new option to change the carousel containers to either block or transparent/floating appearance
    • Added new option to move the bottom control dots to either below or inside the carousel container (default is now below in most themes)
    • Added five additional Featured Content Widgets (total 15)
  • Slider
    • Added new property with the template insert snippet for manually placing the slider in custom templates
  • Notices
    • Added new option to place a Font Awesome icon column to the left of notices (available via Notices property group)
  • Node & Discussion List
    • Overhauled the Node Grid and Node Background feature coding, more efficient and consistent
    • Added Font Awesome Brand icon support for node icons
    • Extended Node Grid to subforums (available via On/Off option)
    • Extended the Node Grid to category node types
    • Fixed a bug where image node overlays would break node layouts when the grid feature was disabled
    • Can now style image node overlays separately when the image is placed above or behind nodes (added default styling for both in all themes)
    • Fixed a bug where nodes would break out of the layout on certain browsers and screensizes
    • Fixed a bug where overflow ellipsis node titles would cause layout issues
    • Added default block border radius to grid nodes
    • Added drop shadows to grid nodes when drop shadows are enabled via [Nulumia] UX Settings
  • Footer
    • Fixed a bug where the copyright row links would not inherit their Style Properties
    • Fixed padding issue for footer columns on narrow screen sizes
    • Added new feature to center footer content on mobile sizes (available via [Nulumia] Advanced Footer property group)

Release notes

This release adds many new bugfixes and improvements, including new Node Grid support for categories and subforums. Further, five additional Featured Widget slows have been added, for a total of 15. Check the full changelog for details!