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Circle 9 | "Obsession" Fantasy vBulletin Flash Theme

Circle 9 | "Obsession" Fantasy vBulletin Flash Theme

  • Nulumia
This theme was part 3 of a series of Flash hybrid vBulletin themes designed for PlayStation 2 & 3 community Circle 9.

Based on Dante's Inferno and the Nine Circles of Hell, the goal of the Circle 9 website project was to iterate additional theme variations for each circle: Obsession, Greed, Envy, etc.

This theme continued the approach established in the primary theme, with new graphics and animations based on the lore of Obsession. Rich hand-crafted graphics were created using thousands of Photoshop layers, and an immersive Flash header and footer brought the theme to life with meticulously polished animations, lighting and sound effects.

In particular note, the footer achieved the creative request of the client in producing an animated pool which would cycle between water emitting from a fountain, and turning into acid after animating the footer's statue and fountain into evil variations.

These animation processes required meticulous Flash keyframing and event listeners, intertwined with cross-faded audio loops to produce the final seamless effect.

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