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First Steps

1. Read 'fonts.txt' included in your theme package. It will provide a link and instructions to download and install any fonts included in your theme's .PSD (Photoshop) files. Without doing this, you will be unable to use custom fonts in the theme.

On PC: Move all fonts to 'c:\Windows\Fonts'.
On Mac: Move all fonts to 'Library/Fonts'.

2. Open '/PSD/logo.psd'

3. Edit the title text layer with your custom name
-- or --
Replace the title text entirely with your own existing logo.

4. Save as 'logo.png' (Transparent PNG format)

5. Upload to:

Arriving at a final link of:

6. Visit Admin -> Style Properties -> Basic Options. Change the 'Logo URL' from 'logo-temp.png' to 'logo.png'. Save settings.

Your logo will now appear in your theme.