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Gaming clan awards and medals

Exclusively by Nulumia

Since 2006, Nulumia has been the pioneer behind stunning, full detail awards and medals for gaming clans and teams. If you run or are a part of a gaming team, our awards make great incentives to reward your members for achievements.

Using graphical gaming medals is a fantastic, simple and cost-effective method of making your members feel special for performing tasks, winning matches, making great plays or any type of activity!

We’ve made thousands of awards in Photoshop for dozens of gaming clans, so we know how to deliver a look and feel that gamers would truly want to show for themselves.

Check out our custom work and our new exclusive Medal Creation Kits to even start making your own medals!

Stunning Detail

Our gaming awards and medals combine fantasy & creativity with near photo-realistic graphics to deliver a truly unique appearance.

Awards for Any Purpose or Achievement

We’ve made countless medals for nearly every achievement imaginable by gaming teams. Award your members for great winning matches, scores and stats, contributing to your community, or anything you can think up!


Our gaming awards are fully customizable, built from the ground up in Photoshop and supplied with editable .PSD templates. Change the name, colors, lighting, and ribbon gradients to make alternative versions!

Our awards also make great icon versions, including .jpg and transparent .png.

Awards & Ranks

Creation Kits for Photoshop CS5+

Make everything we can, with ease!


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