Forum Under Construction

Due to the recent demand and popularity of our products, the Nulumia website and support forum is currently going through a major relaunch. Some features are temporarily offline, including our forum. We’ll soon be relaunching the all new Nulumia website, on an amazing and feature loaded platform!

We hope this change will bring better engagement with users, support speed, and ease of update and product management for customers.

Product Support via email
Please contact for all product inquiries. All support requests are responded to within 24 hours.

Product Support via
If you’re a member at, get fast and convenient support at the following Nulumia product pages:

Simplicity Pro
Modern Gamer
Simplicity Lite
Headquarters (Now in 4 Colors!)
Enforcer (7 colors)

Support via Social Media
Ask at @NulumiaLLC
Ask at

Or Ask Below!