Theme Hooks

Easily add custom HTML markup via our convenient theme hooks system, without having to edit Xenforo template directly.
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Theme Hooks

All pro Nulumia themes include a comprehensive set of theme hooks for entering custom markup, similar to that which is found in Wordpress. This way, you can easily add HTML to common locations throughout your theme, instead of editing Xenforo templates directly.

You can place your custom markup to available theme hooks by editing the nl_theme_hooks template:
Admin -> Appearance -> Templates -> nl_theme_hooks

As you can see, there's numerous theme hook locations for adding new markup. Simply enter your content between the macro tags for the location you want to display your code.

Available locations

  • html_top
  • above_staff_bar
  • above_topbar
  • topbar_left
  • topbar_center
  • topbar_right
  • below_topbar
  • above_header
  • below_header
  • navigation_left
  • after_visitor_links_logged
  • after_visitor_links_guest
  • after_section_links
  • above_content_wide
  • above_notices
  • below_notices
  • above_top_breadcrumb
  • below_top_breadcrumb
  • above_sidenav
  • below_sidenav
  • above_sidebar
  • below_sidebar
  • above_content_narrow
  • below_content_narrow
  • above_bottom_breadcrumb
  • below_bottom_breadcrumb
  • below_content_wide
  • between_footer
  • above_footer_links
  • below_footer_links
  • main_footer_content
  • html_bottom
  • forum_list_above_nodes
  • forum_list_below_nodes
  • forum_view_above_node_list
  • forum_view_below_node_list
  • forum_view_above_thread_list
  • forum_view_below_thread_list
  • thread_view_above_messages
  • thread_view_below_messages

Previewing the locations

While logged in as Adminstrator, you can preview the theme hook locations via your front-end. First enable the setting "Enable theme hook preview toggle" via:
Admin -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> [Nulumia] Theme Settings

Next, reload your front-end and you should find a new button added to the header staff bar. Clicking this will toggle the theme hook live preview, with labels indicating each location in the nl_theme_hooks template.